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The Sting of Death

There is an account of a marathon swimmer that swam across part of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida. Even though she swam inside a cage to ward off large fish, the crew on the accompanying boat were constantly on the lookout for the stingray fish which can give a fatal poisonous sting. This illustration gives a number of parallels to the title taken from 1Corinthians 15:56, which mentions “the sting of death is sin.” It is very true that sin does sting death to each spiritual life it is allowed to penetrate. No one has the immunity to fight off the deadly effects of sin.

The True Light Now Shineth

There are numerous New Testament passages that call us to walk in the light. Under close scrutiny these passages address a variety of subjects. Some refer to the initial steps to salvation, others describe how Christian disciples are to relate to matters such as the nature of Christ, Christian transparency, generosity, and Christian leadership. There is even a lesson that focuses on the prophecy of the future for the Child of God. Again, this study is divided into ten lessons for group study.

Your Most Holy Faith

This booklet written by Aaron Shank helps us understand God’s plan for the place of faith and works in man’s salvation and in his Christian life. There are many promotions of faith that are not the most holy faith as taught by all the NT writings. A good understanding of this Bible doctrine is important in understanding other Bible doctrines. The study booklet includes questions with each of the seven lessons.

Once Saved Always Saved

Many of the Protestants of our day promote the doctrine of “once saved always saved”. This extensive study explores the history of the doctrine as well as the verses people use to defend it. There is thorough and extensive study of what the Bible really teaches on this subject. The Booklet has ten lessons, but can easily be expanded into a more lengthy Bible Study course.

The Sin of Bathsheba

We hear a great deal about the sin of David, but seldom does anyone mention the sin of Bathsheba. And it is true enough that David’s sin was very great, and Bathsheba’s very small. David’s sin was deliberate and presumptuous, Bathsheba’s only a sin of ignorance. David committed deliberate adultery and murder, Bathsheba only carelessly and undesignedly exposed herself before David’s eyes. We have no doubt that David’s sin was great and Bathsheba’s was small.

Divorce and Remarriage, What Did Jesus Say?

Let us picture an imaginary scene. You are along with your congregation witnessing in downtown Bluffton, and you encounter a middle aged woman. She has an interest in a better way of life, and is drawn to the simple lifestyle expressed by your group. After an extended discussion related to salvation you finally ask, “Are you married?”

“Well... I’m not sure how to answer that,” she replies. “I have been married several times but my last husband and I divorced three years ago. Right now I live with a man, but we aren’t married.”

A Treatise on Marriage

It is the desire of this writer to thoroughly and fairly look at what God has to teach us about the subject of divorce, remarriage, and reconciliation through an examination of the Holy Scriptures. I ask my readers to compare the following treatise with the Scriptures and to acknowledge only what is thereby proven to be truth. I have chosen to use a number of questions to organize this study.

What constitutes marriage in the eyes of God?

Christian and the Spirit World, The

COMPLETE REVISION November 2016 Many people have questions concerning the realms of the spirit world. This ten-lesson booklet compiles God’s revealed Word to us on this real part of our unseen world. The five basic divisions of the study will help us understand the spirit of man, the Holy Spirit, the world of angels, the world of demons, and spirit warfare. This 52-page book is for any serious Bible student who wants God’s Word on these controversial issues.


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