Book Study

The Sweet Singer of Israel

Psalms are poems. Poems are elegies of thought. Poems, often written by artistic personalities, vent emotion, thought, feeling or motive. Word pictures and couplet phrases deep in the soul spring out expressed as ideas, prayers or truth—sometimes in rhythmic meter—sometimes syncopated.

A compilation of Hebrew poems appear in the canon of scripture. David, the shepherd-king who mirrored God’s heart, wrote many of these.

A Study in the Book of Revelation

This study approaches the book of Revelation from a literal viewpoint. The Church age is studied in chapters 2-3. The Day of the Lord is studied from chapters 4-19. Chapter 20 portrays the Millennial Reign of Christ. Eternity and the Celestial City are described in the remainder of the book. This study challenges us to be prepared for the Lord's Return.

Thessalonian Themes

This study of the two letters to this early church focuses on numerous concepts woven throughout the books. From the beginning of its church life, through the blessings of sound church fellowship to the rapture of the church, these truths are practical for the church of the latter days. This study will enrich our appreciation for sound church life.
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