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Torn Connections

Have you ever experienced a bad storm where trees fell across the electric wires and tore them apart putting your place or others "out of connection" with the power source? Or have you ever turned the key to start a piece of equipment only to find out it would not start because some safety wires had become disconnected? The good thing about these problems is that with a little physical effort, the problem can be solved by those who understand how such things work.

Sick Children

Tonight, I am missing the evening service. There are sick children at our house. My wife could have stayed home with them and I could have gone; but she stayed home this morning while I went to church.
Sick children are not fun. The flu bugs make their presence known in different ways and none of them really enjoyable. The care given to sick children is usually far less pleasant than the care given to "well" children. Sick children do fewer cute and endearing things. In fact, most times they don't do any at all. Sick children cry more and laugh less.

Suffering Sons and Satisfied Sows

Herod the Great is likely one of the Bible's worst characters. Aside from his impressive architectural works for which he is justly famous, he is remembered as a self-seeking despot. His reign began with acts of great care and generosity to his subjects but was increasingly marked by cruelty, family intrigue, and murder. His secret agents spied on the conversations of private citizens; punishing those who dared to slander him. On his deathbed, he ordered his son Aristobulus executed for an attempt to gain power.

When Your Children Ask

One feature of First Term Bible School this year has been the many questions that were asked. The desire of young people to know what the Bible says and its association with why we live the way we do is an honorable characteristic of youth growing into maturity.

Television and Radio

First patented in 1884 by Paul Nipkow in Germany, the television has become the most sought out form of medium the world over, challenged only by the recent development of the Internet. With this in mind, I asked myself the question how would Jesus view the television if it had been available in His day? Would He see it as an outlet that could have enhanced His ministry, enabling Him to preach to the masses in a more efficient and large scale way? Would He have used it to send God's message to every Jew and Gentile in all of the civilized world?

Ye Fathers

Many will decry the sad state of homes today, but few will respond to God's call to fathers to be leaders. This ten lesson study holds out the focus that fathers are to be leaders in their homes. After a lesson Understanding the Call to Fatherhood, the next lessons address leading by Example, in Worship, in Meeting Family Needs, in Child Development-Teaching, in Child Development-Discipline, in Protecting the Home, in Meeting Our Children's Spiritual Needs, though Adolescence and Youth and closes with the Rewards for Faithful Fathers.

Christian and His Emotions, The

REVISION COMING December 2016 (DV) Beginning with the challenge for us to "rule our spirits" and take responsibility for our emotions to tracing the emotions which are common to mean, these lessons weave Bible verses into practical everyday living. Our emotions will never be converted in this life. However, we do not need to be held hostage to them either.

Gods Word on Raising Children

This ten-lesson study identifies Bible verses relating to various aspects of child training. The lessons identify God's plan for the home, parental attitudes toward children, the nature of children, teaching children to obey, the need for discipline, Bible indoctrination, respect and manners, material values, moral purity and Christian service. Each lesson includes a purpose, Bible verses with related questions and questions for thought and discussion. Every parent can benefit from this study of God's Word on raising our children.

Gods Word on Marriage Relationships

This newly rewritten ten-lesson study takes the Bible and outlines various principles that make a marriage work. The lessons deal with God's plan in our creation, husbands love for their wives, wives in their submissive role, forgiveness, understanding each other's needs, work and homemaking roles, spiritual leadership needs, moral purity, the blessing of children and how to train them. Each lesson includes a purpose, Bible verses with related questions and questions for thought and discussion. This practical study should be a help to build strong homes for God.


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