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A Call to Technophiles

Socrates, who is considered the first moral philosopher and the founder of Western philosophy, lived when the alphabet was first introduced to Greece. He famously declined to write anything down, so all of the teaching we have from him is lectures or debates recorded by his student Plato. In Phaedrus, a dialogue between Socrates and a character named Phaedrus, he speaks about writing. Writing, in his opinion, is harmful. It causes forgetfulness since a person no longer needs to remember, and it provides only incomplete understanding since it cannot be questioned.

Devotional Life

When we think of a Christian’s devotional life, we likely think of the time that a Christian spends reading the Bible, meditating, and praying. This worship time may include journaling, singing, and fasting. New Christians are instructed to make this a daily discipline. In our Decrees, we go so far as to state: “It is further to be desired that personal devotional life with God is to be considered of more importance than Christian service.” Really?

An Expectant Attitude

Isaiah 40:31 is a favorite Bible verse for many people because of God’s promise to give weary people strength to continue on. But what exactly does it mean to wait upon the Lord? I like the Amplified definition, in brackets: But they that wait [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

For the Lord Commanded a Blessing

In Psalm 133 we have two beautiful word pictures of unity in the brotherhood. It is true, however, that the word pictures written here are somewhat obscure to us. None of us were present when Aaron was anointed to initiate his priesthood office by his brother Moses. The stately reverence and awe of this occasion can only be imagined by those of us who never saw it. By the same token, very few of us have ever seen the Majesty of Mount Hermon nor visualized the geographic and life-inspiring beauty it is to the land of Israel and beyond.


What is a conviction?
Some will say it is no more than a personal opinion. Others define it as something for which you will be willing to die; any other position is simply a preference. Some teach that convictions are based on direct scriptural teaching. What does the Bible say?
The word ‘conviction’ is not found in the Bible. It is, however, related to three biblical words: convict, convince and conscience. The conscience is the inner sense of right or wrong. A conviction is the result of a convinced conscience.

Faith and Trust

It is better to put trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. (Psa 118:8).
Why is it better to put trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man? God is always faithful. He is always trustworthy. Many a morning, as we pray at the breakfast table, I reflect on the fact that the sun coming up reminds us of God’s faithfulness. None of us know of a day that the sun did not come up. None of us know of a day that gravity didn’t work. None of us know of a day when it was right to steal from our neighbor. None of us know of a day when it was right to murder our neighbor.

God our Loving Father

God is our loving Father Who created us and made the whole universe. When man sinned, He made a way for us to come back to Him. He loved us so much He sent Jesus His son to die for our sins. His son rose on His own power and offers us salvation so we can come back to our Father in Heaven. Through this, our loving Father sent an advocate the Holy Spirit to help us while we are still here on Earth. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are three in one and all mankind need to come to Jesus and follow Him.

Music Examined

*The following article may not be suitable for everyone and is geared towards people that currently listen to secular or contemporary Christian music. The evil I encountered while writing this makes me shiver and it was tough to know where to draw the line on what to include and what to exclude. So use this article as a resource to take a look into the evils of secular music; then run the other way and please don’t ever listen to any again!


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