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Nonresistance Versus Pacifism

At first glance, one could suggest that these two terms might be synonymous. In fact, one hundred years ago they sometimes were used interchangeably.1 but as the English language continues its evolutionary process, it becomes necessary to define these terms separately.

What is nonresistance?
The term nonresistance is taken from Matthew 5:39, where Jesus tells us to “resist not evil.” It is not resisting in any form, militarily or personally. It means showing genuine love to all, friend or foe.

The Sacrifice of Praise

Years ago, a Mennonite preacher was flying on a mission trip. Around him the passengers were joking and laughing, when suddenly the jet encountered a violent storm. The plane bucked wildly. Lightning cracked against the wings. Terrified passengers cried out to God. “God, if you get me out of this, I promise I’ll serve you the rest of my life.”

Reasonable Answers

We as an older generation are passing off the scene. We sense that we have been blessed above measure. We have been given a priceless heritage of seeing the New Testament as a book to be lived out in everyday life because of our love for the Lord Jesus. We have no greater joy than to see that vision embraced by younger ones coming on.

Why Are Your Personal Devotions Boring?

Have you ever sat with eyes glazed staring at the Bible as your thoughts wandered? Perhaps you have fallen asleep during your evening prayer time. Maybe you remember reading through 2 Chronicles and finding it a chore. It is even possible that your regular chapter-a-day routine has dried up, and you wonder what happened to the life you used to get from your daily time with God.

Bearing the Bad News

After Absalom’s death, Ahimaaz asked Joab’s permission to carry to King David what he thought was good news, “how that the LORD hath avenged him of his enemies” (2Sa 18:19). Apparently Ahimaaz was recognized as a good-news messenger, as the king later said, “He is a good man, and cometh with good tidings” (v27). so Joab, knowing the king would receive the message as bad news, told Ahimaaz, “Thou shalt not bear tidings this day, but thou shalt bear tidings another day: but this day thou shalt bear no tidings, because the king's son is dead.” Joab then sent Cushi to bear the tidings.

Laborers Together With God

Delmarva is the name of a peninsula shared by Delaware, Maryland, and northern Virginia. It juts into the Chesapeake Bay, forming the boundary between the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the waters of the bay itself. This past summer our family experienced the privilege of traveling the full length of the peninsula. From Norfolk we crossed the Chesapeake Bay to Cape Charles, traveling the entire peninsula in just over four and a half hours.

Your Prayer Helps

Second Corinthians 1 is a Scripture which both tells a story and teaches a lesson. In the first few verses (vv3-7) there is a reflection on God’s comfort to those who are distressed. The Scripture also explains that when we receive God’s comfort, we are enabled (and possibly expected) to pass along this comfort.

The Farmer and His Field

Mark 4:3-20 contains an extensive account on agriculture to teach an important spiritual lesson. Four types of soil and their production abilities are considered. The parable and ag teacher is Jesus Himself, using the soil for an important lesson.

Good soil and the production of the fields are a joy. Good farm ground is so amazing. But we are also familiar with poor soil. A farmer in Villa Alicia, Honduras, was asked why he would not plant seed in the plot of ground on his property. His reply was, “Poor soil.” Even the goats could not live on the grass from that soil.


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