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Self-denial is not restricted to the religious realms of living. Many people will deny themselves of opportunities and activities for the sake of natural and carnal interests.

The athlete will deny himself of foods which are considered a hindrance to the physical fitness he desires to have and maintain. He will forgo social activities that conflict with his scheduled fitness training program. Money will not be spent in some areas of life so as to have resources to meet the expenses of his athletic pursuit.

Finding Life in Death

Death is cold, cruel, and at times even brutal. It seldom touches our families at a time that we feel is convenient or appropriate. sudden deaths or slow, painful deaths are both traumatic. They leave the families feeling devastated. But that is death; it is not by nature a pleasant part of life.


The virtue of humility is vital to become a Christian and to maintain the Christian life. This virtue was demonstrated by Jesus when He came to earth and during His earthly ministry. He is our best example of this Scriptural concept.

According to Philippians 2:3-11, Christ held an exalted position before coming to the earth. He was all God the Father is and was. He also inhabited eternity. He had all power and knowledge. He was equal to God the Father.


Forgiveness is a product of Calvary that restores man’s relationship with God and his fellow men. Those who do not experience forgiveness from God live with guilt. Those who do not extend forgiveness to others develop a bitterness that can be the root of many sins.

Cross Bearing

Cross-bearing seems to be one of those concepts that has many misconceptions. What is the Christian’s cross? Is our cross a personal cross that will differ from the crosses other Christians are called to bear? What is the association of self-denial and cross-bearing?


One of the characteristics of our day is the lack of contentment. It is more than our American culture that influences us to be discontented. Our carnal nature is restless and discontented. We desire to be someone we are not and seek to acquire things we do not have. How can we be happy in spite of the deficiencies of life?


If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1Jo 1:9). But what does it mean to confess our sins? When is a confession accepted by God? What are the ingredients to a proper confession? Does a confession to a priest satisfy God?

Biblical Authority

Many questions are raised in relation to the subject of authority, such as, who has the final authority? How much of church life do leaders decide? Does the membership have anything to say? How binding are the Decrees for to Keep? Is there more than one standard? and many more. The Bible has the answers to these questions and shows us the basis for all aspects of authority.

Following are a number of steps of authority outlined in the Bible.

As We Go Through this Life

The words are heard from meetinghouse pulpits, the same words appear in devotional literature. “as we go through this life…” Often, these words are used to preface the thoughts that will quickly follow. A speaker may use these words to introduce the need for certain actions that must be taken to assure our readiness for the Lord’s return. A writer may use the term “as we go through this life…” to establish the concept of an ongoing responsibility. The words “as we go through this life…” are intended to prepare the audience for the seriousness of what is to come next.


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