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“Ponder the Path of thy Feet” (Pro 4:26)

What was the wise man Solomon thinking as he penned these words many years ago? “Ponder the path of thy feet.” To ponder means to stop and view with deliberation. What are we to deliberate? The path of our feet! Why?
Every person’s life is a path. We can stop and look back one day, one year, one decade, or even one century. Solomon is saying, stop - ponder your footsteps. Past footsteps show a direction of travel. What is that direction, more God-ward or more world-ward? The footsteps of the past can predict the direction of our next footstep.

The Foundation of a Choice

Choice is a powerful word. It comes into play when we are given the opportunity to select between two or more options. We can declare our independence from the control or input of others by our choices. We make many choices in any given day, many of them subconscious or inconsequential. However, it is true that many of our choices were probably greatly influenced by a former deliberate decision by ourselves or someone else.

The Test of Distance

Covid-19 has brought a new term, unheard of even one year ago – social distancing. But the concept was not new. All through the ages, people at times distanced themselves from others for a variety of reasons. But distance can have some very real tests for us.

A Christ-Like View of Christmas

Christmas! The annual commemoration of Jesus’ birth, Christmas, has been celebrated for hundreds of years. The mere thought of Christmas likely brings many different thoughts to your mind. Perhaps you are looking forward to the family gathering and getting caught up with relatives you haven’t seen since last year. Or it could be that the thought of Christmas saddens you a bit as you think about bygone years and loved ones who are no longer here to share Christmas with you. Or maybe you’re planning a nice Christmas dinner at home with only your spouse and children.

Ignore the Sideshow

“The media doesn’t have the authority to call the election.”
“Trump is asking all Christians to pray as the Supreme Court deliberates over election results.”
“Did you know that Siri will say that Kamala Harris is President? What does that tell you about their plans?”
“Trump will be president. I believe God is moving.”
All the above statements are from discussion groups or statuses of people in my contact list. All who shared claim to be Christians and part of the Kingdom of Heaven. Is something wrong with this picture?

A High Priest with Compassion on the Ignorant

The theme of a high priest is found in various places in the Scriptures. In both the Testaments, we can see references to a high priest, and yet in the book of Hebrews, we read of the Ultimate High Priest; Jesus Christ. After He came on the scene and finished His work of being the sacrifice for sin, once for all, He became the Author of eternal salvation. He ever liveth to make intercession for us, and His term of being a High Priest does not expire as did those of old who could not continue by reason of death.

“Honoring the Lord’s Day”

It is Sunday morning again in November 2020. We awake with a totally different feeling than we have in the last six days. We are going to church. We will dress in our Sunday best. We will limit the work we do to only what is absolutely necessary. We will practice a Day of Rest.
Why do we, as Christians, believe in honoring the Lord’s day? Go with me as we explore the Bible on this subject.
We will look first at the Old Testament Sabbath.
God says, Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. (Ex 20:8).


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