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On Decisions

“I wonder what informs their decisions.”
The question hung between us in the cool autumn air as my friend, and I sat around a gas lantern while visiting in his second-story apartment in downtown Nashville. Choices, decisions, and the results of those decisions were on the table as we shared heart to heart that day.

I Am Going To / I Will Never

As I type this article, I am watching a group of children playing whisper down the lane. As they whisper something from one person to the next, sometimes the message gets to the end in the same fashion as it was originally formed, at times it doesn’t. And then I think about the many who are saying things like this year I am going to… The list of stuff people fill in is practically endless. And yet as day fades into day, the resolve begins to change.


What is God so jealous about? Moses had looked toward God quizzically. God had been so patient and gentle for the last 40 days as He had explained the law and the tabernacle. And then, God’s countenance had changed so much! He had become grieved and pained. Then angry words spilled out of God’s mouth and His wrath waxed hot (Ex 32:10, 11)! God was slow, very slow to anger. But now God was angry; very angry! “Let me consume the whole nation in my hot wrath and start over with you!”

A Round of Applause

It is a common practice of the world today to clap for someone who performs as a way of cheering for them. When our chorus sings at rehabs and elderly care facilities, the people often clap after each song. The better the performance is, the longer the round of applause. This attention is somewhat addictive. Our flesh likes it because we feel their approval.

If Your Phone Rang and It Was God

We all know the convenience of making a call anytime, anywhere. From the beginning of time, long before the day of cell phone technology, God gave a special connection to his people. God gave to us this blessing called prayer. He enjoys hearing from his children when we are blessed and grateful. He cares enough to listen when we are facing times of despair. We know the feeling of getting a call when the caller ID says anonymous caller. We hesitate to answer, wondering who, with a blocked number, may want us. Or, maybe the number is there but we don’t recognize it.

Problems or Possibilities?

Problems are a normal part of life. They vary significantly in intensity. Problems may be as minor as a sore toe or as painful as a dying parent. It could be lost van keys on a school morning or an interpersonal relationship problem.
As humans we tend to classify problems as bad, undesirable, and unwanted.
Problems have plagued mankind for millenniums. Prophet and peasant alike have asked, “Why?” We struggle to understand why a loving, all-powerful God wouldn’t fix our problems.

Anointing the Feet of Jesus

How much of what we do actually counts for kingdom interests? Do we ever think, “Now, that was doing something good for God’s work?” Maybe we’re struggling, wishing we could do more kingdom things, and thinking that all we have time for are the everyday things of life. Or maybe our schedules are full of church related responsibilities and activities, and we wish things would slow down.

The Power of the Resurrection

July 16, 1969 was an extremely special day for mankind. The excitement ran high as millions of people watched with interest as Apollo 11 left the earth. Its Saturn V rocket with an excess of 150 million horsepower was hurtling it to space with the mission to put 2 of the 3 men inside it on the moon. It was an amazing display of power. It showed what the coordinated effort of many men could do.


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