The Auditor's Work

The purpose of auditing church funds differs from the auditing of business funds. Whereas specially trained auditors are required by the world’s organizations to detect fraud and mismanagement of funds, brethren of our congregations can adequately perform the work if given a few guidelines and have a basic understanding of standard bookkeeping practices.

Trial by Jury

The Judicial System of the United States and its method of trial by jury is a vital asset for the protection of justice and freedom to its citizenry. While Christians look on this system and conclude that it is both good and biblical, we need to evaluate our involvement. First, we conclude this system is good because our freedoms are protected when others invest interest in protecting their own freedom and when court decisions are thus influenced. Second, we conclude that this system is good because the state is following the biblical command to punish evil.

Who Then is Willing

Every day, millions of well-fed individuals sit down to enjoy another hearty meal. How many of them consider the retailer, distributor, packer, processor, or shipper back through the food chain links that connect the plate to the farmer's field? Beyond the farmer do they consider the One who gave the increase?

Does God Repent?

Does God repent? According to some Scriptures (such as num.23:19; 1Sam.15:29), the answer is, "no, God does not repent." Other Scriptures (such as Gen.6:6; 1Sam.15:11,35) tell us, "Yes, God does repent."

How shall we reconcile these seemingly opposite answers? Also, how can an unchanging, immutable God repent?

Christ, the Preeminent One

"And He (Christ) is the head of the body, the Church; who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things, He might have the preeminence" (Col 1:18). So what is meant by preeminence? Strong's Greek dictionary says the Greek word for preeminence means "to be first (in rank or influence)." We as Christians certainly would agree that Christ needs to be first and foremost in our lives. Since Christ "is the head of the body, The church," He has perfect right to that place of honor. Is Christ first in our lives?

Sir William Proves the Validity of Evolution (Satire)

Sir William Ladybug sailed through Staten Christian Day School classroom window one bright April morning. With difficulty he extracted himself from the fish tank before the whales and other denizens of that deep consumed him. Launching on a discovery voyage of his new world, he returned to a point near his place of entry. On a plateau there, he was immediately rewarded with a discovery, which took away his breath. Numerous mummified ladybugs lay in a ladybug graveyard there. They lay with dignity on their backs, their legs ceremonially arranged to point straight upward.

The First Reason or the Second Reason

An already successful business owner in his mid sixties informed his sales people one morning that he had just discovered a business principle, that no doubt would have been the catalyst to greater financial returns had he discovered it much earlier in life. He explained that customers declining a purchase and asked why seldom give the true reason first.


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