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Time of The "Empty Nest"

Time of The "Empty Nest"
Greetings in Jesus name, the One who has our timeline in His hand. He is the One that can fill our every need, regardless what stage of life we are in. We view our lives as a change of seasons, each one blending into the next; each one is unique and for each of us it has been a journey through time, with birds leaving the nest until the nest is empty. For us we had birds in the nest for 37 years and the nest has been empty for 17 years.

The Power of Women's Words

Lois Rosenberry
The Power of Women's Words

Words are mighty, words are strong,
Words can soothe, or words can wrong.
A reputation shred in two-
Words can say what isn't true.

Words can soothe the weary brow
Cause the pain to flee for now.
Or words can pierce the inmost heart
Like a misaimed, careless dart.

Words tell of heaven and God's great plan,
To save from sin, frail, fallen man.
Words can grant a courage bold
When troubles round about enfold.

Mother's Blooming in Life's Timeline.......

Mother's Blooming in Life's Timeline.......
with young children/up to the teenage years
Blooming gives the idea of producing something beautiful- which we want to produce a joyful, thankful mother
It's something that takes time- not over night ( my amaryllis is about the fastest plant to bloom but it still takes about 6 wks.)
Psalm 113:9 He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the Lord.

Passing on the Pearl of Contentment

Passing on the Pearl of Contentment

October 2013 Ruth Nisly

It seems like every time the Lord asks me to speak, it strikes a need or struggle that I´m facing in my own life.

Passing on the Pearl of Contentment
This subject especially has been extremely interesting and, I think, life-changing for me. Not only in the area of contentment, but it seems like it extends into other areas that I wouldn´t have connected with contentment.

Exercising Personal Warmth and Welcome

Homebuilder’s Oct. 1, 1992
Exercising Personal Warmth and Welcome
The song entitled "There's a Welcome Here" takes me back a few years to my youth. This outstanding time of revival meetings held by Bro. John Rohrer from York County, brought personal Warmth and Welcome to us. His radiant countenance expressed deep devotion, gentle manner, sincere kindness, soft spoken voice, and a radiant smile penetrated a very sense of Warmth. Along with the memory rang the warm words of


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