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Being An At-Home Missionary

Homebuilder's Essay October 13, 2010
Being An At-Home Missionary
Children / Grandchildren
A missionary is a person who is undertaking a mission and especially a religious mission. We want to talk about being a Mother at home and undertaking a religious mission with our children and grandchildren.

A Woman’s Role in the Great Commission

A Woman’s Role in the Great Commission October 22, 2003
Go ye therefore and teach all nations Matt. 28:19

When asked to do this topic my first thought was, “Why ask me, I've never been to N.Y. for Jesus, Honduras or even a book convention?” But I was told the committee wasn't looking for someone that did all that - but rather “that this topic be an encouragement for mothers in the ‘little contacts of life’ that might make a difference.”

A Woman’s Personal Devotional Life

March 26, 2002
...in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength..."
Isaiah 30:15

Isn't it humbling to think that the Supreme Being Who created the heavens and earth, our great, infinite God, made us finite creatures of dust and desires our fellowship?

Do we realize what a wonderful privilege we have to be able to communicate with our Maker, Redeemer and Lord?

My Place In God's Kingdom

April 1, 1975
My Place in God’s Kingdom
They asked me to direct this to mothers tonight and also to witnessing in the community. Descriptors given to be used are Psalms 118:5 and Ecclesiastes 11:1-6. Psalm 118:5 is “I called upon the Lord in distress. The Lord answered me and sent me a large place.” This is a very appropriate verse or mothers. The first part is “I call upon the Lord in distress.”Is there a mother here tonight that never becomes distressed or feels that she is so tied down with her family that there is no time to help others or to witness for the Lord?

Joyfully Accepting the Sacrifices of Motherhood

Joyfully Accepting the Sacrifices of Motherhood

Occupation - Housewife
What am I doing with my life?
Well - I am only a housewife.

I'm a homework helper, expert on spelling,
The keeper of secrets without telling.
A Band-Aider, a hurt-feeling mender,
A peanut butter and jelly vendor.

I'm a bed maker, laundry supervisor,
Child disciplinarian, a chastiser.
A thermometer reader, cookie baker,
A spring planter - weeder, a fall leaf raker.

A Homemaker’s Devotional Life

A Homemaker’s Devotional Life
What, really, is our devotional life? Is it only the private time we spend in Bible reading and prayer each day? Or is it more than that? Webster's dictionary defines devotion as religious worship, prayers, loyalty, faithfulness, & deep affection. From these definitions we see that our devotional life can, and should, be an all day experience.


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