Salvation and the New Birth

Just Fifteen Inches

Young Pedro was walking on the way to high school. When he got to the railroad track, the crossing gates were down and a train approaching. He made a run for it. But he had missed his mark by 15 inches. He was struck by the train. The efforts of emergency crews were of no avail. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Fifteen inches for poor Pedro was the difference between life and death. He was probably planning on another typical school day, but it turned out so differently.

I Was in Sins Prision

It was May 9, 2008, and I was delivering mulch into Western Cor rectional Institute, a State minimum and maximum-security prison facility in Allegheny County, Maryland. This prison houses approximately 3,000 inmates and covers an area of 30 acres. I needed to arrive before 2:30 p.m., since the inmates would be in the yard all going back to the mess hall. I was to be out by then.

Jesus and His Friend Simon

Jesus had a friend named Simon. Jesus loved Simon. Jesus loved Simon in exactly the same manner as He loves all people, and just as fervently too. What Simon obviously misunderstood was that he was a sinner, but that Jesus was not. Deep down inside Simon lurked a thought that perhaps there was in himself potential for righteousness. Therefore, Simon seriously erred. Simon did not know how sinful he was. Simon did not know that only God is righteous. Simon had a faulty concept about how holy his guest was and how much he needed Him too!

But God

"But God " these two words have great meaning. The word "but" in this verse is defined in Strong's as, "nevertheless" or "therefore." We can assume then that God here is holding out another chance or option. Another option from what?

Your Most Holy Faith

This booklet written by Aaron Shank helps us understand God’s plan for the place of faith and works in man’s salvation and in his Christian life. There are many promotions of faith that are not the most holy faith as taught by all the NT writings. A good understanding of this Bible doctrine is important in understanding other Bible doctrines. The study booklet includes questions with each of the seven lessons.

Finding the Way Back to God and the Church

This three lesson study guide is designed for the ministry to have classes with a disciplined church member who is seeking restoration with God and the Church. Based on the journey of the Prodigal Son, the student is encouraged to analyze the nature of his sin, whether or not his repentance is godly sorrow, and what it will take for him to restore the trust of the brotherhood. A teacher's guide is available.


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