How Much School?

How many years did you go to school? How many years are necessary? When should a child be “finished” with school? When does this become too much education? These are just several questions that can come as we consider how many grades a student should complete.

School – A Help Toward Maturity

The Christian Day School offers many learning experiences for our children. As our children prepare to face life, they must learn to relate to various authorities. Parents are their primary authority in their childhood, but they begin to move between home, Sunday School, and school. They learn under different teachers. They meet different rules and learn other ways of doing things. They see strengths and weaknesses in these teachers that are different from their parents.

Early Childhood Development That Prepares for School

The first five years of a child’s life lay the foundation for future failure or success. Bit by bit, he accumulates the knowledge and abilities he will need to be a complete, independent adult. From the first moment in the womb when he responds to his mother’s voice, he is processing and reacting to information given to him. The first five years of a child’s life contain a dramatic transformation from a helpless infant into a self-aware first grader. During that time, his brain develops more and faster than at any other period during his life.

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