A Clair Auker

Water Dowsing

The Question

Recently a brother, whom we’ll call Andrew, decided to have a new well drilled, as his old one was repeatedly running dry. When the drilling rig arrived, the driver (“George”) jumped out, holding two wires in his hands.

“What are they for?” asked Andrew. “To find water?”

“Yes,” George replied. “Aren’t you comfortable with that?”

What should Andrew have said?

What Is Dowsing?

Dowsing for water, or water smelling, is a method of searching for underground water. The custom is hundreds of years old, if not thousands.

Truth or Mercy

Like thousands of other Nigerian Christians in recent years, John Yakubu and his family fled their home to escape repeated attacks by Boko Haram terrorists. But, unable to feed his family in the refugee camp, John returned home to collect some of his livestock. There the terrorists seized him and demanded he convert to Islam. On his refusal, they tied him to a tree, cut his head and body with large knives, and left him for dead. However, he was later rescued and taken to a hospital for treatment.

Where is Our Free Country

In many places around the world, persecution of Christians is increasing. China’s government is cracking down on house churches and even harassing registered churches. In a number of countries where radical Islamists have taken over or are fighting for control, Christians are being fined, starved, robbed, exiled, imprisoned, tortured, or beheaded. Someone has stated that in sheer numbers, more Christians are being persecuted today than ever before in history.

Faith In Faith?

Many years ago, a certain fisherman was caught in a sudden storm. As he desperately made toward shore, the sea grew rougher and wilder. Alas, before he could reach safety, a huge wave capsized his boat, plunging him into the roaring sea. He knew that without help, his life would soon be over.

Drunkenness and Overeating

How recently have we heard a sermon on the dangers of strong drink? How often do we study a Sunday school lesson on temperance? How many of us are even tempted to drink alcoholic beverages?

We can hardly imagine an era like the 1890’s when it was deemed necessary to include a temperance lesson in every Sunday school quarter. Since that time, several generations of American Mennonites have taught and practiced total abstinence. For most of us, that is all we know. We could say that our Mennonite churches have generally succeeded in winning the battle with drunkenness.

When Saints Meet to Pray

As students of the Word, we know the Bible abounds with references to the great power of prayer. But do we know it also teaches that there is an even greater power in collective prayer? Jesus said, “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matt 18:19-20).

Daughters of Sarah

“As our society has changed, so have the challenges facing women raising families. Many American women are raising children at home while caring for an elderly parent, holding down two jobs, serving as the sole parent in a family, or defending our country overseas as a service member. Our Nation’s mothers not only look after our needs and teach us to be compassionate and responsible, but also manage households, build careers, and improve our neighborhoods and communities.

Growing in Glowing

“You are what you eat.” This old saying is true to a degree in the physical realm—our diet affects our health. It is true to a greater degree on a spiritual level. What we feed on, whether the Word of God or the trash of the world, impacts our spiritual health.

Change one word of this saying, and we have another truth that is borne out in Scripture. “You are what you see.”

The Sacrifice of Praise

Years ago, a Mennonite preacher was flying on a mission trip. Around him the passengers were joking and laughing, when suddenly the jet encountered a violent storm. The plane bucked wildly. Lightning cracked against the wings. Terrified passengers cried out to God. “God, if you get me out of this, I promise I’ll serve you the rest of my life.”


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