Aaron Shank

The Destruction of Death

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death (1Co 15:26). We are told approximately two hundred deaths occur in the world every second of time. That is approximately 63,072,000 in one year (this does not include infanticide by the millions, through induced abortions -1 1/2 million more worldwide). Medical science and health advocates are continually seeking ways to prolong life and delay the process of death. They would like to destroy death. But death is all inclusive and certain. It does not miss anyone.

Why Use Unleavened Bread for Communion?

Leaven is a substance that causes fermentation and spoilage, “Figuratively, an influence that, spreading silently and strongly, changes conditions and opinions” (World Book Dictionary). Literally, when leaven is added to a wholesome substance like bread dough or fruit juices and left unchecked the end result is a sour, smelly product which generally is unfit for any valued purpose. It is a fitting type of what sin does to our individual lives and to our church life when left unchecked or untended.

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