Darvin Halteman

Consider Death

“None of us are getting out of this game alive” declared the hardware store owner, “We are all going to die!”
“That is why I take Christianity very seriously,” I replied, “because after life there is Eternity. We will live eternally somewhere.”
We had just entered a conversation about how people relate to material goods in this life. This man went on to say he refuses to horde money. Instead, he believes the funds we acquire should be used to enjoy life on a daily basis because death is imminent.

MTO Church Life

We believe the Bible teaches that righteousness and peace in church life must be a working reality, not merely a distant, unattainable goal. The Bible also calls the Church to be a healthy, properly functioning body, not a sick or broken one (1Cor 12). We find these requirements sadly lacking at times among conservative Christians. One worldly, sinful culprit responsible for the chaos in many churches is the MTO church mentality.

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