Dwayne Sensenig

Hunting Advice

It’s called sacrifice. The early morning ritual of ridding your body of human scent, traveling to your favorite destination, and hiking in the dark to your handpicked spot has left your body feeling tired. Your morning coffee has long worn off, and you may even be fighting the urge to catch a nap. After all, the only movement you've seen all day was a few squirrels tearing up the leaves. And, of course, the constant bird chatter. That's all enjoyable, of course. But you didn't go to this much effort to watch squirrels and birds. Instead, you feel a higher calling.

The Opportunity of Your Life

What if a homeless man was offered a home and rejected it? What if you were that homeless man? As you read this fictional story, place yourself in the homeless man’s shoes. Examine your spiritual life in the context of this allegory.
My Father is a King. He has a large stock of houses reserved for homeless people. He has asked me to go through the world spreading the news of these nice houses which are free to those who need and want them.

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