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Michael Sattler

Michael Sattler was an early Anabaptist martyr. He was born in Stauffen, Germany about 1490. Michael entered the Benedictine monastery of St. Peter’s near Freiberg, Germany where he probably became its prior. During the 1520’s, Michael left the monastery. This was probably due to theological differences and disgust over the depraved lives of the monks and priests.

What's the Big Deal About Food?

Daniel was not at home. Daniel lived imprisoned in land that was not his choice. It was the king of Babylon’s country. It was a rich land indeed— the wealthiest of the age—the most powerful of all earth kingdoms, but it was not Daniel’s home. No doubt Daniel’s choices were many and his accountability only personal. Daniel was a eunuch, why not celebrate?

Those that are New in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

They say Easter is a symbol of new things.

Folks seem to take extreme pleasure in new things—new cars, new houses, new tools, new machinery, new clothes, new books—new, new, new. There is no end of “new stuff” of carnal value. Carnality certainly finds great satisfaction in the carnal new. Economics rely upon them. All new things of carnal value await a destiny of infernal fire. Soon, they will pass away. Then whose will these new things be?

Pursuing a Pilgrimage

Five pillars of reformation era theology influenced our forefathers. 1) sola scriptura (Scripture alone), 2) sola fide (faith alone), 3) sola gratia (grace alone), 4) solus Christus (Christ alone), and 5) sola Deo Gloria (glory to God alone).

Noah's Dying Sons

Noah was in his 600th year, when torrential precipitation burst from the skies and erupting waters from deep in the earth began purging the rampant, contiguous, human corruption of the day. Sinners had been sinning blatantly, evidently just as unashamedly as today. It appears God warned Noah of this approaching catastrophic event some 120 years in advance and as far as we can tell about 30 years prior to the birth of Noah’s three sons therefore making the boys in their nineties by this time.

Jesus and His Friend Simon

Jesus had a friend named Simon. Jesus loved Simon. Jesus loved Simon in exactly the same manner as He loves all people, and just as fervently too. What Simon obviously misunderstood was that he was a sinner, but that Jesus was not. Deep down inside Simon lurked a thought that perhaps there was in himself potential for righteousness. Therefore, Simon seriously erred. Simon did not know how sinful he was. Simon did not know that only God is righteous. Simon had a faulty concept about how holy his guest was and how much he needed Him too!


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