Edwin R Eby

The Little Fox

One can hardly think that one little gray fox (red, yellow, and stripped ones too), could hold such incredible potential for righteousness and at the same moment such violent dreadful vice. What was less than twenty short years past an awkward, expensive, communication tool within means of only the elite is now reasonably attainable to both peasant and pope. Its size has diminished to credit card dimensions while capability potentials have exploded into exponential proportions that is the cellular phone.

The First Reason or the Second Reason

An already successful business owner in his mid sixties informed his sales people one morning that he had just discovered a business principle, that no doubt would have been the catalyst to greater financial returns had he discovered it much earlier in life. He explained that customers declining a purchase and asked why seldom give the true reason first.

Church Politics

Merriam-Webster Colligate Dictionary defines politics as the following:1 a: the art or science of government. b: the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing government policy. c: the art or science concerned with winning or holding control over government. 2 a:political action, practices, or policies.3 a: political affairs or business especially: competition between competing interest groups or individuals for power and leadership. b: political life especially as principal activity or profession.


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