Glendon Horst

True Freedom, Our Choice

On July 4th, our nation will celebrate two-hundred and forty-four years of declaring freedom from the King of England. Early patriots felt the king was oppressive and taxed the colonist too much. They wanted to be a free nation. So, in anticipation of being an independent nation, they endured war for eight years. They had no permanent central government in place other than the Continental Congress. They appointed a military general to lead the army. The people in the land were told they were free from the king. However, no one had promised that they would win and truly be free. 

Changed by Jesus

In our society, there is a lot of emphasis on change. People want to change their past, their identity, and their gender. They sometimes go through extreme measures to accomplish it. As Christians, we also face a life-altering change when we truly meet Jesus. Our priorities, identities, passions, actions, speech, loyalties, and life destination all change when we allow Jesus in our lives. Biblical examples of several men show us extreme change when Jesus met them and empowered change in their lives.

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