Jason Sensenig

Respect for the Sanctity of Life

Respect for the sanctity of life is the belief that human life is sacred and God-given, and therefore must be highly valued. This is a relevant topic in the world and also in our churches. Our society has spent much time and money researching the subject of sentient (with feelings), and non-sentient (without feelings) to guide them in what the value of life is. They say that while humans are sentient, fetuses are non-sentient; some animals are sentient, while others are not.

Simple Living

Recently I read an article in a well-known archery magazine entitled, “The Art of Selling.” The writer had interviewed two local people from our area in preparation for his article. One of the people he interviewed was a local salesman from an archery shop. There was something in this section that caught my attention. “Part of his customer base is Mennonites from the surrounding farming community. Due to their religious beliefs, they do not own or drive automobiles.

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