Jason Weaver

Encouraging Quality Friendships among Students

Our lives are built-on relationships. We have them in school, at church, during our work, and with God. The list could keep going. We all will keep learning more and more about what it takes to have better relationships as long as the Lord gives us life. Most of my experience with children has come from spending several years in a classroom. However, most of what we will talk about in this article can apply to parents, teachers, and in fact to everyone, since we are all involved in relationships.

Vision With A Purpose

A man comes up with an idea to start a business. He sees a market for an item. He puts a lot of energy and time into getting his business off the ground. He works long hours and comes up with creative ideas. He’s willing to step out and lead his business, but soon he grows older and is no longer able to put the amount of energy into his business that it needs. So he hands it down to his son who has been helping him. The son does well with the business but eventually grows old and needs to hand it down another generation.

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