Jesse Hostetler

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Recently our Plain Communities were brought to our knees as the news spread that a conservative young woman was missing in New Mexico. This is the kind of news you read about happening out there in society, amongst the debauchery of lust and low morals, but here, in our safe rural communities? The thought caught many of us sideways, and I suspect a few more of our people’s doors were locked at night in the days following her disappearance.

The Christian Woman’s Veiling— A Tradition of Men or an Ordinance of God?

Picture with me a group of young people standing in the hallway of a large shopping complex. The singing is wonderful. The look on their faces shows an inner joy that cannot be hid. The Christmas hymns they are singing say nothing about Santa Claus or sleigh bells; Jesus the Christ Child is the message they bring. We notice the clean, well dressed young men, but our focus is quickly drawn to the young ladies. Their clothing is modest and simple, yet neatly made. But what are the little white caps that they are wearing on their heads?

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