Kirby Witmer

A Christ-like View of Christmas

Christmas! The annual commemoration of Jesus’ birth, Christmas, has been celebrated for hundreds of years. The mere thought of Christmas likely brings many different thoughts to your mind. Perhaps you are looking forward to the family gathering and getting caught up with relatives you haven’t seen since last year. Or it could be that the thought of Christmas saddens you a bit as you think about bygone years and loved ones who are no longer here to share Christmas with you. Or maybe you’re planning a nice Christmas dinner at home with only your spouse and children.

The Changing Technological Age

The average price for a gallon of gasoline was $1.19. The President of the United States was Bill Clinton. The twin towers of the World Trade Center stood above the New York City skyline. A new Internet search engine company founded by two college students celebrated its first birthday by moving the headquarters of the business, Google Inc., from the garage to an actual office building.

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