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The Sin of the Controlling Spirit

Control is a delicate subject that requires balance. So many things around us seem to be out of control. As parents we must control our children and help them learn self-control. As a church we need some control to keep us on the narrow way to Glory. But in the exercise of control there is potential for abuse! All human hearts have some tendency to err toward wanting more control than God has designed for us to have.

Christian Courtship Concepts

Godly marriages that last a lifetime are becoming scarce in the world. As a godly people we are concerned that the youth growing up in our homes find godly life companions and establish homes on the solid foundation of the Word of God. Courtship is an important time of finding God’s will for marriage.

Before beginning courtship, youth should establish a strong relationship with God. They need to know the joy of salvation. They should learn the blessing of worshiping their Creator God. Bible reading and prayer should become daily routines.

Every Member Set By God

God’s will is that all His created humans would choose to be part of His heavenly kingdom on earth. “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2Pe 3:9). We carry this glorious Gospel to all people, nations, and languages. We understand the Great Commission sends us forth to teach and call men to discipleship and bring them into the church as members of the body of Christ on earth.

Reflections from Bygone Days

George R. Brunk, in Sword and Trumpet article, “Regulate or Relegate?” January 1931: “The radio is a live issue at the present time; many honest souls are wondering and questioning about it. “If Conference forbids their use the matter should be enforced or else the least conscientious will have them and the ones most likely to make best use of them are the only ones restrained.
“if they are to be allowed in Mennonite homes, certainly a definite campaign should be in progress to regulate them.”

Evaluating the Use of Technology - Technology, Convictions, and the Brotherhood

Technology, Convictions, and the Brotherhood

There is much difference of opinion on the subject of technology and its uses. Some strongly promote the use of technology and others strongly discourage some uses. Few congregations have a membership that all think one hundred percent alike on this subject. How can we have diversity of feelings and convictions on this subject and still pull together in harmony? Is it even possible?

Evaluating the Use of Technology - The Impress of the Internet

The internet is another part of the technological advances that are pressing upon us. In many ways it seems an unavoidable part of our day and the future. More and more businesses are finding it necessary to go online or be left behind. Our society is mostly an online society and becoming more that way with time. While we have taken a stand against its presence in our homes, the internet is becoming an increasing influence in our lives. The internet’s influence is changing the way we think, the way we do research, and the way we do business.

Modern Idolatry

I. What Is Idolatry?
The word idolatry often brings a mind picture of heathen people bowing down to images of wood and stone. We think of Asia or Africa with their strange gods, of stone, of fire, of weird creatures, and as a result can think that civilized Western society is free from idolatry. But let us look closer at what idolatry really is and what God’s Word teaches us about it.

Developing A Spiritual Appetite in our Children

Children grow up developing various interests and appetites in life. Not all appetites are good appetites. Every Christian parent is concerned that his children will develop spiritual appetites as they grow older. Sad it is when as parents we become aware of a lack of spiritual appetite in our youth. Many times by this point it is too late to begin to inspire this interest. How can we develop a wholesome spiritual appetite in our children as they grow up?


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