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Devotional Life

When we think of a Christian’s devotional life, we likely think of the time that a Christian spends reading the Bible, meditating, and praying. This worship time may include journaling, singing, and fasting. New Christians are instructed to make this a daily discipline. In our Decrees, we go so far as to state: “It is further to be desired that personal devotional life with God is to be considered of more importance than Christian service.” Really?

Ignore the Sideshow

“The media doesn’t have the authority to call the election.”
“Trump is asking all Christians to pray as the Supreme Court deliberates over election results.”
“Did you know that Siri will say that Kamala Harris is President? What does that tell you about their plans?”
“Trump will be president. I believe God is moving.”
All the above statements are from discussion groups or statuses of people in my contact list. All who shared claim to be Christians and part of the Kingdom of Heaven. Is something wrong with this picture?

Mystery or Manifest

A disclaimer: this article is not attempting to prove or disprove theories. I have had enough experience with believing and doubting and arguing over these theories to last the rest of my life. Instead, this article is an effort to hold forth a different subject for our passionate research and debate.

The Christian Ordinance of Communion

Communion is an ordinance that Jesus Christ instituted and commanded. Jesus and His disciples were gathered to observe the Passover. We can look in on this scene through the writings of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. At some point during the meal, Jesus took the bread, blessed it and shared it with the disciples saying, “This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me” (Luke 22:19).

To Be a Father

What is a father? The dictionary definition is “a male parent” along with several other definitions in the realm of science and religion and society. The verb forms are more interesting – “to beget; to be the creator, founder, or author of; to act as a father toward; to assume as one’s own, take responsibility of, to perform the tasks and duties of a male parent.”

Spiritual Warfare

A couple is searching for a house to buy. They finally find the right one after many disappointments. They write an offer sure to secure the house they feel is the one God has provided for them. Alas, another offer is written and accepted just ahead of theirs. Did Satan steal it?

A child suffers from nightmares and is afraid of all kinds of unseen things. Later, her father has a nightmare and wakes to a terrifying sense of evil in the house. Is this a demonic force?

In Memory Of

May 26 is Memorial Day. This day honors the memory of those who lost their lives in battle. These men and women did offer the ultimate sacrifice to a cause. It probably inspires people to want to be brave and loyal like them. Some may even become soldiers; others will probably display Grandpa’s medals and apply his code of ethics to their lives; still others may simply brag about Grandpa and live lives that he would never endorse.

The Ordinance of Baptism

Baptism is one Christian ordinance that nearly all denominations accept as scriptural and applicable to today. It has survived when feet washing, the prayer veiling, the holy kiss, and others are explained away. Not all who practice baptism do so in a scriptural way, however. Perhaps a brief look at the history of baptism will help us understand why it is popular yet sometimes sadly corrupted.

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