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News and Fake News, Gossip, and Bearing Witness

Things happen. People make choices. Sometimes the choices are really, really, bad (or good). Events come together and accumulate. Current events turn into history. Someone has to tell the story.
What happens on the part of onlookers and talkers is what we want to think about in this article. Many times, what people do with what they see and hear - what we do and say with what we hear - may be as bad as the bad choice made in the first place. Or it may be a good choice- and be redemptive. This is a critical point.

When Moshe came to our House ... We Saw Where Beliefs Will Take You

One night after summer Bible School, we met a traveler passing through. Afterward, he came to stay a few days, just to talk. When Moshe came to our house, we were introduced to a new philosophy on worldviews.
Moshe was raised in a conservative Jewish setting. He said he always felt a kinship to Mennonites because he considered himself at the same setting in the Jewish spectrum of beliefs as Mennonites are in Christian doctrine.

Mortal and Venial Sins - What Does the Bible Teach? Part 2 – God’s View

What does the Bible teach about sin? What should our doctrine and practice be?
First, let us always remember, “All unrighteousness is sin” (1Jn 5:17). We dare not treat disobedience to God in a light manner. Jesus did not die on the cross so we could have a light or careless attitude toward sin. In fact, His death should make us feel our sins even more deeply.

Impaired or Enlarged? Part 1 of 2 Parts

I hadn’t thought much about my seat mate as we buckled up to take off. She was frazzled and middle-aged and certainly didn’t look like the talkative type. “It’ll probably be a very quiet ride,” I mused to myself. However, when the stewardess asked her what she wanted to drink, her answer stirred my interest.
“May I please have two vodka’s and a tomato juice?” she said. “I’d like to make myself a Bloody Mary.”
Breathing a prayer I ventured, “May I ask you, what does drinking an alcoholic beverage do for you?”

No Murderer Hath Eternal Life Abiding In Him

We read in the Bible, “No murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.”

What can that mean? Does this even have an application? I am not a murderer; I’m not even tempted to be one. No one I know carries sinister thoughts of killing. We cringe at the thought of taking the life of an animal. Murder my brother? Surely the Bible missed it this time!

But wait, is there something more practical here the Book is speaking to in my life?


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