Steve Long

Christmas Cheer

December is here and our culture’s “Christmas Season” is in full swing. There will be decorations, gift buying, work parties, family gatherings, and the obligatory Christmas music piped through the speakers into every public space. It’s been a tough year for many reasons. Perhaps we can busy ourselves with the festivities and forget our trials—at least for a spell.

The Christian in a Pandemic

The current Covid-19 pandemic has provoked the world to respond in ways unprecedented in this generation. State governments are shutting down schools and churches, forcing businesses to close, and asking citizens not to leave their homes. This highly contagious virus is spreading infection around the globe, and along with it, a great deal of anxiety. People are understandably concerned about their health and the health of loved ones. People are worried about the economy and wondering how they will make ends meet, or if their businesses will be able to survive Covid-19.

Finding Strength in Stillness

We have a blessed practice in our churches that many likely take for granted. We begin our services in reverence and silence. We enter the sanctuary and sit quietly, stilling our soul as we prepare to worship together. But it is possible that some of us only appear quiet and still on the outside. Inside we may be in turmoil or simply be distracted, entertaining thoughts about things outside our church building—I know what that is like.

The Doctrine of Nonresistance

On September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda attacked the United States with shocking results. Like most Americans, I can remember exactly where I was when the news came. In the weeks that followed, our nation was caught up in patriotic fervor and crying out for revenge. October 7, 2001, America struck back, attacking Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, marking the beginning of America’s longest war.

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