Stewart Ebersole

A Call to Technophiles

Socrates, who is considered the first moral philosopher and the founder of Western philosophy, lived when the alphabet was first introduced to Greece. He famously declined to write anything down, so all of the teaching we have from him is lectures or debates recorded by his student Plato. In Phaedrus, a dialogue between Socrates and a character named Phaedrus, he speaks about writing. Writing, in his opinion, is harmful. It causes forgetfulness since a person no longer needs to remember, and it provides only incomplete understanding since it cannot be questioned.

Make Better Conversations Happen

A good conversation is one of the few things that is universally enjoyed. It is the cornerstone that forms the foundation of our friendships. While the subjects discussed vary from person to person, we will spend and enjoy hours in deep conversation with the people we value. Really, all that is needed for a good conversation is a group of people and a common interest. Although there are many interests that people have, as Christians, there is a set of interests that we all have, valuing above any other.

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