Tim Kreider


Go with me for a few minutes back to our childhoods—to the games we played as children. Remember those games of hide and seek? In the brief time the “it” was counting with his eyes closed, I’d frantically look for a good place to hide, a place where the “it” wouldn’t find me. Then at the right moment I would be able to go free! The times that were so much fun were when I was concealed and yet could see when the “it” walked past. I’d dart out of my hiding place and dash for base. If I got there before “it,” I would shout, “Free!” Oh, how exhilarating!


If you were to drive to New York City, you would need to cross the Hudson River to get there. The Hudson River separates islands that make up some of New York City from the mainland. Manhattan, for example, is isolated by natural “motes” on each side. The Hudson River separates it from New Jersey, while the Harlem River and East River separate it on the east side from the rest of the city boroughs. You can cross this barrier by passing through a tunnel or crossing over a bridge. Without these, you would need to pass through the waters to complete the journey.

A Call to Decision

What shall I do? We all find ourselves either asking that question or at least pondering it at times. Recently as I was driving down the interstate I saw a sign that read, “West bound lanes closed ahead. All traffic must exit.” I was faced with the question, “What shall I do?” Since there was no convenient alternate route, I made the mental decision to stay as long as I possibly could, then find a detour. Travelling went fine for a while, but before I knew it there were brake lights ahead of me, and travelling came to a stop. Things had not gone as planned!


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