Will Taylor

Distracted to Death

The rise of technology has created a new problem. People are so distracted that it is placing them in physical danger, possibly even bringing death. In a distracted condition, one does not see the danger until it is too late.
Why do people put themselves into such dangerous positions? Are we giving into these distractions? Can distractions really kill us?

Too Long!

My wife and I were invited to a sign language class by our deaf friend. She was teaching us ASL (American Sign Language), and she wanted us to meet the people from her church. Most of the people were like us, learning how to communicate through sign language. We were greeting other folks when I asked a couple how long they were married. The woman replied, “Too long!”
At work one day, an elderly couple was checking out at the register. I appreciate hearing from older people how long they have been married, so I asked them, “How long have you been married?”

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