New Earth

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I talk to many people that are very worried the earth may be dying. There are major groups that devote themselves to proving the idea that the earth is doomed to perish. Scientists warn us daily on extreme weather patterns and melting ice. Some have stored away food and supplies in fear that something significant will be coming to destroy the earth. One can go online and purchase his own underground bunker, or reserve a home in communities that have been built below the surface of the earth in hopes to survive whatever comes our way. They all have theories of how the earth will perish: global warming, falling asteroids, another ice age, doomsday, zombie attack, super virus, and many more. As strange as these ideas sound, they all believe that the earth is doomed for destruction. They need to read Revelation 21:1.
And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.
Some believe what is recorded in Revelation will actually happen, but they do not fully understand why this is happening and what they must do to prepare. I talked to a man who believed we needed to spend more money on our space program to focus on what is out there. He told me, “We need to find a new planet like Earth because when this one dies, we will need a new planet to live on.”
I asked him, “If you knew for sure that this planet was ready to die and that scientists had found a new planet like earth; that there were only a few shuttles and only ten thousand or so could leave this planet to make it to the new earth, what would you do to make sure you and your family made it to the new earth?”
He replied, “I would do ANYTHING, Anything I could! I would make it there and make sure my family was on the new earth as well. NO ONE could stop me from getting there!”
I declared, “I wish more people had your devotion, to do anything to make it to the new earth! You see, God tells us in Revelation that there will be a New Earth, and a new heaven. We should be committed to do anything and everything to make it to this New Earth. It should be the most important thing in our lives. No one should be able to stop us from getting there.”
As we talked, I wonder what he took from our conversation. I know God spoke to me in that moment to remind me how important my choice to be a Christian was. This world will die and pass away, and all will be new. The choices we have made on earth will determine where we will spend eternity. We may pass away before Christ comes, but we must prepare and be ready. We must desire the eternal Gift God gives, choose to follow Christ with all our heart, and share this good news with all mankind. There are plenty who feel and know in their hearts the earth will die; they just need someone to tell them the good news about Christ, Who is willing to save them. We do not need to store up food and supplies and worry; we just need to store up treasures in Heaven.
I am not sure if the man I spoke with made the choice to become a Christian. Will it be so important to him that he would make sure that nothing would stop him from being reborn and knowing Christ? Will he bring his family to the New Earth and into Heaven with him? I have faith that a seed is being planted in him. God will grow that seed in his heart if he allows it. The most important message the world needs to hear is that this earth will pass away, every soul will meet God, and a New Heaven and a New Earth are being prepared for those who have chosen Christ. I want to bring my family to see the New Heaven and the New Earth, and I will do ANYTHING to make sure that my family and I are faithful to Christ here so we can all be together there.