Personal Witnessing in Daily Life

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BE AWARE – We are very focus driven, typically speaking, and want to get the jobs done that we have set out to do. We need to be aware of people around us that may need a listening ear or someone to share with. Make it a habit to look out for people that need Jesus.
BE AVAILABLE – Availability comes at a cost at times. Sometimes it’s only a minute; sometimes, it might be an hour or two. Be ready to give your time and attention when the need arises, and somebody wants to share with you. Availability may take on the form of time, resources, meal sharing, spiritual advice, and more.
BE SENSITIVE – Take time to listen carefully when you engage in a conversation with someone. Try to be perceptive of their needs, background, and current situation as they share with you. Answer with honesty and Biblical truth, attempting to avoid misunderstandings and confusion as you speak into the lives of others.
BE HONEST – Make sure that people know you are human, that you have needs, and that you needed saved by Jesus’ blood just as much as anybody. We are not dead artifacts from a museum, but we are living sacrifices that need to show others the way of Salvation!
BE PATIENT – God is ultimately the One who does the calling, saving, and restoration processes in people’s lives. We are His messengers, and we need to be ready to speak a word, lend an ear, and share the Message. But we do well to be patient and let God move in situations, not taking control that may hinder God’s working in their lives.
BE PRAYING – Pray for people, for opportunities, for souls that need the Lord. Remember people that you’ve met in prayer. Pray for new people that you may meet throughout the day.
Wherever you are, BE ALL THERE for the Lord!