Those that are New in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

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They say Easter is a symbol of new things.

Folks seem to take extreme pleasure in new things—new cars, new houses, new tools, new machinery, new clothes, new books—new, new, new. There is no end of “new stuff” of carnal value. Carnality certainly finds great satisfaction in the carnal new. Economics rely upon them. All new things of carnal value await a destiny of infernal fire. Soon, they will pass away. Then whose will these new things be?

“…if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” Whereas the mind was old and dead, it is now alive from the dead (Ro 6:13). The old will is changed. The mind is brand new. This new mind, now controlled by Holy Spirit anointing, decides to kill the desires of the body. All the faculties of the soul are made new. They are buried, as was the crucified Lord Jesus and in the same way as Jesus was raised up from the dead by the glory of His Father, so the renewed mind walks in a brand new life. It is raised with Christ. its guiding principles are new. Its innermost affections, inclinations, and loyalties are new, and thus a person’s practices, are all new. Even practices that resemble the former are new because there is a brand new motive. New affections dictate that, that which once was loved is now hated and that which was hated is now loved. The old life is abandoned. He is new.

Nothing is new physically; he is the same person. He has the same faculties, but all things are new qualitatively because he is renewed day by day in the spirit of his mind. He never grows old. He is always new and always growing.

If then you are raised with Christ, search for the things where Christ is. Love the things that are always new in heaven in lieu of things that are new upon earth. For your body on earth is dead to the things on earth and your mind is hidden in the new things in heaven. When the King of Kings appears, then you will find yourself with the King where all things are genuinely new.
— Greencastle PA