Walking Steadily

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For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (2Ti 1:7).
Solid rational thinking does not happen by accident. Sound thinking requires feeding our minds on good things, and then throwing out the false and pursuing the true. Paul told them to Hold fast the form of sound words
(2Ti 1:13). He told the Philippians in 1:10 to ...approve the things that are excellent.
Sound thinking requires sorting through many things, and even some garbage (not implying anything sensual) to find the path of truth. In our day of information we are bombarded with material that presents multiple angles of a subject. We sometimes feel like Pilate when he threw up his hands and said what is truth?
I was reminded of this in the early days of the corona virus outbreak when someone sent a seemingly convincing YouTube message. It portrayed the hospitals in the epicenter of the corona outbreak as totally quiet. Empty waiting rooms. No lines. No chaos.
About the same time someone else sent a video that was a 30 minute presentation very professionally done discrediting COVID 19 and explaining what is ‘really’ behind it, and what is ‘really’ going to happen.
I decided to talk to people who have boots on the ground in NYC to find out what is happening. I messaged someone who lives and is actively visiting hospitals. His report was completely different than the YouTube videos mentioned above. There were lines, there was stress, and the EMT team was not sitting idly playing on their phones as was pictured.
The other video I received was part and parcel with the conspiracy theory audience. They have something ‘most people don’t know, but I found out’. This is the group that foolishly believes that the then President Bush is the one who bombed the twin towers, or Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of the federal building in OK back in the 90’s was actually the government. These are the ones also who may believe in the flat earth theory, and that Neil Armstrong didn’t really land on the moon. They tend to see the devil behind every bush, and instead of seeing God redemptively working within a lost race, they see the devil in evil men being sinister. These people are often stirred up over something, and bring negativity in politics and church life. The aura of their life denotes turmoil instead of peace.
I am concerned with all the information that is at our fingertips today. It is possible to listen to YouTube videos and podcasts and be led to thinking that is far from truth. Do these mediums have more influence in our people’s lives than our own ministry has? Am I saying we shouldn’t listen to anyone else? No, but we should remember the words of Paul to Timothy where he said, in 2 Timothy 3:14 But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them. I do believe we should put more confidence in the people we know who are Biblically sound. It is easy to get swept away by a gifted speaker and movie maker and not filter their teachings with God's Word. We will be influenced by those we listen to.
We all have wondered what the truth of the whole matter of COVID 19 is, and we all have work thru the hype and drama of the news and social media. We have varying opinions among us as to the actions of our government whether federal or local, and whether they are misinformed or whether they are trying to find ways to gain control of the population. At this point there are more unknowns to us than what we can know as facts, which would tell rational thinkers that we should be swift to hear, slow to speak (Jas 1:19). There is little value in forming and voicing strong opinions on matters where the facts are few and the unknowns are great. This is where the conspiracy theorist goes to work, and finds what he thinks is truth, where few other people have seen it. It amazes me how that a man who has a menial task of planting a field of corn, or building houses, or etc. can have access to knowledge that few others have and understand what is being done in secret by people he has never seen or talked to.
This is a time we need to make focus on Christ and His Kingdom. This should be consuming our life; not reacting at the perceived ineptness of government or the evils that are lurking in the dark rooms of the world and just ready to attack us all. It is a time we need to give much attention to sound thinking, logical thinking, and rational thinking. It is a time to remember the teaching of Romans 13 towards our government, even if we feel their leanings are taking us away from the freedoms we have enjoyed. I repeat that Kingdom interests need to be what captivates our mind and guides the walk of our life.
Logic is such an important part of living for everyone, yes even for Christian people. Suppose that the far right is true on the scenarios we face today. What will be our response? Suppose the far left is true, what will be our response? I conclude by saying that at the end of the day our strong opinion on either side of the spectrum will make little difference on how we are to live our day. That is the logic here. But logic also shows us that what our minds are absorbed with will affect the way we ‘do’ live our day. So, we logically conclude that as Kingdom builders it will make little difference in our duties today whether truth is to the right or left of where it seems to us as concerning COVID 19.
I encourage each of us to be careful of what we believe, and what we pass on, and who we listen to. Let us use the sound mind that God has given, read His Word more and the news less, then walk calmly and do what we can to encourage our fellow travelers. As we touch other’s lives, we will either lift their hearts towards God, or we will add to their load. Let us make our choice today to be a builder in God’s Kingdom.
Your Brother in Christ.