Why Have Standards?

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I see that you have something called Decrees for to Keep. Are you adding something to the Bible, the final Word of God? We believe the Word of God is His final written revelation to mankind.
In working out the scriptural practice of the Word of God in everyday life, we as humans have much to benefit from spiritually by receiving group direction. As individuals with a fallen human nature, we can form many selfish ways to “live out the Bible.”
There are many ways that standards can be worked out in the life of the church. We all voluntarily join a particular church congregation which is made up of individuals, often with different backgrounds and beliefs of practice. Along with this comes our selfish nature. For the group to function as it should, there needs to be direction given for the standards and accepted order. This aids unity in the local congregation and the larger conference.
There is wisdom in having guidelines that we all know and understand. When we all agree to these accepted guidelines, it protects us from going our individualistic ways. This is more than just conforming to an outward form. The heart is at the center of our choices. Is the Spirit of God leading us or the works of the flesh? We live in a fallen world that is constantly bidding for our approval. When we fail to bring the flesh into subjection to the expected standards agreed upon as a group, it shows a spirit of rebellion and disobedience. There is safety when we have an attitude of obedience to the standards set forth by the brotherhood. Where no counsel is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors, there is safety (Prov 11:14).
Another important reason for the Decrees for to Keep is that it helps to keep our members in humble uniformity. Where there is pride, there is no humility. When all members have the same dress code, conduct, and attitude, it is a help to keep one from rising in pride above his brethren. In this way, we are kept humble and not desiring to be more than those about us. This will enhance love in the brotherhood. When we as a brotherhood decide on proper positions to accept in the Decrees for to Keep, it will promote the Word of God in truth and sincerity.
God has given to the church the authority to set standards that would promote His Word being worked out in everyday spiritual experience. Hebrews 13:17 speaks to the fact that spiritual leaders are accountable to lead out in this way.
The Christian life is to be a life of obedience. It is imperative that we allow the Holy Spirit to be our guide and final authority. Christ has given us an example of obedience. He was obedient to His Father’s will. In His life on earth, He was not selfishly doing His own will but fulfilling the reason for His coming to earth. He faithfully followed through to his death on the cross for our redemption and salvation. In submitting to His Father’s divine will He gave us an example of obedience in obeying those in authority over us. Lack of obedience to God’s Word and failure to respect our Decrees for to Keep will cause unrest and even division in the church. Obedience will help keep the love of Christ and love for the brotherhood alive. May we be partakers of a unity that will hinder Satan from causing division.