Why Would We Wink?

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What do plain suits, holy kisses, and no life insurance have in common? What do female preachers, homosexual practice, and killing enemies have in common? What do stubbly faces, country music, and large bellies have in common? Winking.

It is either loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ or a wink. Winks happen. Winks are effortless. Winks are cheap. But winks communicate. Winks tell whole stories. Winkers recognize each other and they wink. But winkers live in a bubble. Unfortunately they do not know it.

Soldiers of Jesus Christ live in a real world with real people and with a real relation ship to Jesus Christ. Soldiers of Jesus Christ recognize each other when they meet. But they do not wink. Soldiers of Jesus Christ look into each other’s eyes, see Jesus Christ reflected there, and they worship. They do not wink.

The present cosmic battle includes plain suits, holy kisses, no life insurance, female preachers, homosexual practice, killing enemies, stubbly faces, country music, and large bellies. Each of the nine represents a front line. On one side the soldiers wink at each other; on the other side they remain grim. Sometimes the enemy winks across the line, looking for a return wink. A grim face is returned.

Soldiers of Jesus Christ enjoy identification with Him and with those who reflect Him in their eyes. They trust only Him; they do not trust themselves. Certainly they do not trust the enemy. They take Christ’s commands at face value. They have no interest in identifying with the enemy in any way, whether in appearance, in music, or in harming their Holy ghost tabernacles. They do not wink.

They have better things to do. They delight in ever closer identification with the Lord of the universe. They look deeply into His eyes. He blesses them personally with meaning, with joy, and with courage. He blesses companies of soldiers with the capacity to delight in each other’s presence. The enemy is absent there. No winking happens. Everything is reality.

Every so often a winker connects with reality. He gets it. He decides that winking has no future. Winking is silly, is cheap. Cosmic reality is a bigger deal, a much bigger deal. and so he switches sides in the battle. No longer does he wink.

~ Lagrange, IN
August 2014