Sermons Table

E.g., 2022-01-28
E.g., 2022-01-28
E.g., 2022-01-28
Title Speaker Congregation Datesort ascending Sermon ID
Restoring the Erring Brother Larry Halteman Susquehanna Valley 26/01/2022 SUV-20220126-20903
The Battle of The Mind Thomas Schrock Leola 26/01/2022 LEO-20220126-20901
Restoring the Erring Brother Howard Horst Kirkwood 26/01/2022 KIW-20220126-20898
The Battle of the Mind Cliff Kreider Blue Ridge 26/01/2022 BLR-20220126-20899
What Are Our Cellphones Doing to Us? Dervin Witmer Shirksville 26/01/2022 SHI-20220126-20904
Pursue The Better Things Leon Martin Elm Street 23/01/2022 ELS-20220123-20897
Parental Involvement in Courtship Darvin Weaver Shirksville 23/01/2022 SHI-20220123-20879
How to Keep Our Personal Devotion Vibrant Brendon Martin Blue Ridge 23/01/2022 BLR-20220123-20895
Divorce & Remarriage Joe Weaver Great Lakes 23/01/2022 GRL-20220123-20896
Our Compassionate God Steve Zook Ridge View 23/01/2022 RIV-20220123-20894
Everyday New Testament Nonresistance Jason Mellinger Tyrone 23/01/2022 TYR-20220123-20890
The Path Of Life Conrad Weaver Mt. Joy 23/01/2022 MTJ-20220123-20889
What Is Truth David Musselman III Calvary 23/01/2022 CAL-20220123-20885
Barnabas-The Son of Encouragement Victor Ebersole Winchester 23/01/2022 WIN-20220123-20891
Qualifications of a Deacon Joe Weaver Great Lakes 23/01/2022 GRL-20220123-20886
Watchfulness in a Sleepy World Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 23/01/2022 BLR-20220123-20883
The Value of Friendships Steve Sweigart Leola 23/01/2022 LEO-20220123-20884
Strength For The Journey David Mast Swatara 23/01/2022 SWA-20220123-20881
What am I Doing to Fill my Spiritual Life? Sherwin Brougher Darbun 23/01/2022 DAR-20220123-20893
The Marriage of the Lamb Titus Martin Fourth Avenue 23/01/2022 FOA-20220123-20888
Let Him Deny Himself Tristan Snyder Susquehanna Valley 23/01/2022 SUV-20220123-20887
The Mortal Sin of Covetousness Loyal Ebersole Shirksville 23/01/2022 SHI-20220123-20882
The Authority of the Word of God James Mack Kirkwood 19/01/2022 KIW-20220119-20876
What Are Our Phones Doing to Us Justin Martin Blue Ridge 19/01/2022 BLR-20220119-20877
The Battle Of The Mind Cliff Kreider Susquehanna Valley 19/01/2022 SUV-20220119-20878
Baptism - The Third Part of Salvation Sonny Bear Fourth Avenue 17/01/2022 FOA-20220117-20875
The Battle For The Mind Keith Gingerich Mt. Joy 16/01/2022 MTJ-20220116-20869
Victim Culture in the Christian Mark Martin Slave Lake 16/01/2022 SLK-20220116-20892
Consecrating or Compromising Anthony Good Elm Street 16/01/2022 ELS-20220116-20860
All Prayer James Allgyer Ridge View 16/01/2022 RIV-20220116-20871
Faith by Works Sherwin Brougher Winchester 16/01/2022 WIN-20220116-20867
Singing and Making Melody to the Lord Andy Martin Lake View 16/01/2022 LAV-20220116-20873
The Feast of Weeks Anthony Kreider Light of Truth 16/01/2022 LIT-20220116-20872
Meeting God in the Morning David Mast Kirkwood 16/01/2022 KIW-20220116-20858
Nehemiah, an Effective Leader Nolan Snyder Blue Ridge 16/01/2022 BLR-20220116-20859
On Convictions and Deceptions Edwin Eby Calvary 16/01/2022 CAL-20220116-20866
God's sovereignty and Man's Free Will Stephen Burkholder Tyrone 16/01/2022 TYR-20220116-20868
Let Your Light So Shine Dave Sweigart Darbun 16/01/2022 DAR-20220116-20870
Eternal Father Tim Martin Fourth Avenue 16/01/2022 FOA-20220116-20864
Setting a Clear Path for Our Children Darvin Weaver Swatara 16/01/2022 SWA-20220116-20861
How Can We Receive God's Love And Mercy Art Nolt Great Lakes 16/01/2022 GRL-20220116-20862
Behold I Come Quickly Chris Nolt Susquehanna Valley 16/01/2022 SUV-20220116-20863
Restoring the Erring Brother Howard Horst Blue Ridge 12/01/2022 BLR-20220112-20854
Relating To The Rise Of Socialism David Mast Susquehanna Valley 12/01/2022 SUV-20220112-20855
The Realities of Hell Darvin Halteman Calvary 09/01/2022 CAL-20220109-20851
It is Finished Loren Ebersole Darbun 09/01/2022 DAR-20220109-20852
Parents With a Vision Thomas Schrock Kirkwood 09/01/2022 KIW-20220109-20850
What Baptism Means for My Past and Future. Jason Sensenig Tyrone 09/01/2022 TYR-20220109-20857
Obedience Ernest Ebersole Fourth Avenue 09/01/2022 FOA-20220109-20849
Preserving the Human Family Steve Zook Ridge View 09/01/2022 RIV-20220109-20847