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E.g., 2022-06-19
E.g., 2022-06-19
E.g., 2022-06-19
Title Speaker Congregation Date Sermon IDsort descending
Dealing with the Root of Bitterness Virgil Heisey Blue Ridge 04/02/2015 BLR-20150211-10700
In the World, But not of the World Cliff Stauffer Blue Ridge 11/02/2015 BLR-20150211-10702
Nonresistance James Weaver Blue Ridge 15/02/2015 BLR-20150215-10699
The Christian Dealing with the Emotion of Fear Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 22/02/2015 BLR-20150222-10705
Do I Need the Church? Jesse Burkholder Blue Ridge 25/02/2015 BLR-20150225-10707
My Body is the Temple of God Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 01/03/2015 BLR-20150301-10708
Meeting God at the Burning Bush Larry Halteman Blue Ridge 08/03/2015 BLR-20150308-10712
Entertainment and its Influences Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 11/03/2015 BLR-20150311-10744
Behold the Great Love of God Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 15/03/2015 BLR-20150315-10717
Every Thought in Obedience to Christ Joel Landis Blue Ridge 22/03/2015 BLR-20150322-10748
Salt & Light in our Communities Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 29/03/2015 BLR-20150329-10741
The Resurrection of Christ Robert Burkholder Blue Ridge 05/04/2015 BLR-20150405-10749
The Heart of Jesus Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 12/04/2015 BLR-20150412-10750
Promoting and Maintaining Personal Holiness Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 19/04/2015 BLR-20150419-10759
Encouragement to Mothers Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 10/05/2015 BLR-20150510-10774
Promoting and Maintaining Personal Holiness - Part 2 Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 03/05/2015 BLR-20150511-10775
Thy Speech Betrayeth Thee Ed Martin Blue Ridge 24/05/2015 BLR-20150524-10795
Two Kingdoms - Two Destinies Larry Halteman Blue Ridge 24/05/2015 BLR-20150524-10796
Am I Being a Steward Clyde Zimmerman Blue Ridge 27/05/2015 BLR-20150527-10845
Understanding the Nature of Addictions Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 13/05/2015 BLR-20150529-10794
The Personality and Activity of Satan Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 31/05/2015 BLR-20150531-10841
The House I'm Building Brendon Martin Blue Ridge 07/06/2015 BLR-20150607-10840
Developing a Kingdom Vision - Part 2 Clyde Zimmerman Blue Ridge 10/06/2015 BLR-20150610-10846
Proper Communication Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 14/06/2015 BLR-20150614-10843
Getting There From Here - Part 3 Clyde Zimmerman Blue Ridge 24/06/2015 BLR-20150624-10847
Godly Fatherhood Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 21/06/2015 BLR-20150626-10842
The New Covenant - Baptismal Service Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 26/06/2015 BLR-20150626-10844
My Identity James Weaver Blue Ridge 28/06/2015 BLR-20150628-10851
Bridging the Generation Gap Ernest Ebersole Blue Ridge 05/07/2015 BLR-20150705-10865
The Cost of Discipleship Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 12/07/2015 BLR-20150712-10899
Sharing Jesus' Love to a Morally Degenerate Society Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 19/07/2015 BLR-20150719-10900
More Than Church Membership Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 26/07/2015 BLR-20150726-11153
God's Plan for Salvation Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 09/08/2015 BLR-20150809-11152
Meekness - A Way of Life Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 16/08/2015 BLR-20150816-10984
Evaluating our use of Bible Study Helps Larry Halteman Blue Ridge 23/08/2015 BLR-20150823-10983
Be not ye Unequally Yoked with Unbelievers Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 30/08/2015 BLR-20150830-11031
Lessons from the Life of Samson Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 06/09/2015 BLR-20150906-11030
The Demands of Discipleship Anthony Good Blue Ridge 13/09/2015 BLR-20150913-11154
Beware of Lukewarmness Aaron Weaver Blue Ridge 27/09/2015 BLR-20150927-11386
Abiding Under the Shadow of the Almighty Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 09/09/2015 BLR-20150928-11151
Do you fit in? Jonathan Burkholder Blue Ridge 04/10/2015 BLR-20151004-11385
Rewards of Laboring with God Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 11/10/2015 BLR-20151011-11384
The Courtroom of the Mind Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 18/10/2015 BLR-20151018-11383
The Need of Youth in the Church Chris Nolt Blue Ridge 25/10/2015 BLR-20151025-11392
Praying For Prosperity Tim Conley Blue Ridge 11/11/2015 BLR-20151111-11684
Dedicated to my Devotions Tim Conley Blue Ridge 14/11/2015 BLR-20151114-11682
You are Invited Tim Conley Blue Ridge 15/11/2015 BLR-20151115-11681
So Walk Ye in Him Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 29/11/2015 BLR-20151129-11502
Living The Blessed Life Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 13/12/2015 BLR-20151213-11680
Six Things Every Child Should Know Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 10/01/2016 BLR-20160110-11679