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E.g., 2022-06-19
E.g., 2022-06-19
Title Speaker Congregation Date Sermon IDsort descending
God the Father Keith Gingerich Blue Ridge 25/03/2018 BLR-20180325-14785
God the Son Keith Gingerich Blue Ridge 25/03/2018 BLR-20180325-14790
God the Holy Spirit Keith Gingerich Blue Ridge 25/03/2018 BLR-20180325-14791
The Empty Sepulchre Cliff Stauffer Blue Ridge 01/04/2018 BLR-20180401-14810
Wheat for the Master's Barn Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 04/04/2018 BLR-20180404-14819
Honor The Lord With Thy Substance Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 08/04/2018 BLR-20180408-14830
Jesus in the Face of Death Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 15/04/2018 BLR-20180415-14866
Will We Catch Them if They Fall? Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 22/04/2018 BLR-20180422-14888
How I View When I Pray Howard Horst Blue Ridge 22/04/2018 BLR-20180422-14898
Christian Weddings and Funerals Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 29/04/2018 BLR-20180429-14919
Obedience: A Proper Response to the Acts of God Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 06/05/2018 BLR-20180506-14949
The Heart of God For the Feminine Gender Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 13/05/2018 BLR-20180513-14966
Let the Fields Be Jubilant Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 20/05/2018 BLR-20180520-14991
Eternity Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 27/05/2018 BLR-20180527-15055
Money Talks: What Does Mine Say? Vernon Shank Blue Ridge 27/05/2018 BLR-20180527-15066
Accountability Wilmer Rohrer Blue Ridge 03/06/2018 BLR-20180603-15128
I Stand To Be Corrected Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 10/06/2018 BLR-20180610-15230
Fathers of Understanding Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 17/06/2018 BLR-20180617-15271
What Will a Man Give in Exchange for His Soul Chad Nolt Blue Ridge 24/06/2018 BLR-20180624-15297
Turning Disabilities into Possibilities Nelson Sensenig Blue Ridge 24/06/2018 BLR-20180624-15304
The Return Of Christ Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 01/07/2018 BLR-20180701-15311
Faith That Has A Heartbeat Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 08/07/2018 BLR-20180708-15354
7 Things Every Christian Should Know About Christ's Return Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 15/07/2018 BLR-20180715-15376
Worship that Precedes Service Stephen Burkholder Blue Ridge 18/07/2018 BLR-20180718-15400
The Doctrine of Sin Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 22/07/2018 BLR-20180722-15403
Being A Vessel James Weaver Blue Ridge 29/07/2018 BLR-20180729-15493
Treasure in Earthen Vessels Chris Nolt Blue Ridge 05/08/2018 BLR-20180805-15456
The Peril of an Empty Heart Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 12/08/2018 BLR-20180812-15501
The Preeminence And Authority of God's Word Larry Halteman Blue Ridge 26/08/2018 BLR-20180826-15555
Guarding Our Purity Throughout Life Joe Weaver Blue Ridge 26/08/2018 BLR-20180826-15596
Growing in Christ Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 02/09/2018 BLR-20180902-15588
Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ? Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 09/09/2018 BLR-20180909-15615
Authentic Christian Discipleship Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 12/09/2018 BLR-20180912-15644
Praise Jimmy Weaver Blue Ridge 16/09/2018 BLR-20180916-15647
Marked for Sacrifice Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 23/09/2018 BLR-20180923-15683
The Value of Church Membership Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 30/09/2018 BLR-20180930-15717
Relating to One Another Loyal Ebersole Blue Ridge 07/10/2018 BLR-20181007-15769
The Great Conversion Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 14/10/2018 BLR-20181014-15788
Finding Comfort While Suffering Larry Halteman Blue Ridge 21/10/2018 BLR-20181021-15826
The Christian's View of Halloween Dan Mast Blue Ridge 28/10/2018 BLR-20181028-15872
God's Boundaries For Satan Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 04/11/2018 BLR-20181104-15900
The Origin And Consequences of Sin Cliff Stauffer Blue Ridge 05/11/2018 BLR-20181105-15913
The Plan of Salvation: The Answer to the Sin Problem Cliff Stauffer Blue Ridge 06/11/2018 BLR-20181106-15916
Where Were The Others? Cliff Stauffer Blue Ridge 07/11/2018 BLR-20181107-15921
Honesty Cliff Stauffer Blue Ridge 08/11/2018 BLR-20181109-15925
The Transformation of True Repentance Cliff Stauffer Blue Ridge 09/11/2018 BLR-20181109-15926
Youth For Christ Cliff Stauffer Blue Ridge 10/11/2018 BLR-20181110-15928
Forgiveness Cliff Stauffer Blue Ridge 11/11/2018 BLR-20181111-15941
Jesus Is Coming Again Cliff Stauffer Blue Ridge 11/11/2018 BLR-20181111-15945
Choices Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 18/11/2018 BLR-20181118-15961