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E.g., 2022-06-19
E.g., 2022-06-19
Title Speaker Congregation Date Sermon IDsort descending
The Root and Fruit of Thankfulness Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 25/11/2018 BLR-20181125-16008
Characterized by an Excellent Spirit Virgil Heisey Blue Ridge 02/12/2018 BLR-20181202-16020
Where Is the Lord God of Elijah? Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 09/12/2018 BLR-20181209-16037
The Greatest Gift Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 16/12/2018 BLR-20181216-16065
Giving God His Rightful Place In 2019 Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 30/12/2018 BLR-20181230-16135
Rest For The People of God Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 06/01/2019 BLR-20190106-16133
The Cause, Danger, And Results of Carnality Darvin Weaver Blue Ridge 09/01/2019 BLR-20190109-16163
Forbearance- A Christian Virtue Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 13/01/2019 BLR-20190113-16172
God's Word On Marriage Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 20/01/2019 BLR-20190120-16187
That Thou And Thy Seed May Live Chad Nolt Blue Ridge 23/01/2019 BLR-20190123-16206
An Example Of The Believers Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 27/01/2019 BLR-20190127-16214
The Ordinance of Anointing With Oil Steve Ebersole Blue Ridge 27/01/2019 BLR-20190127-16320
Saints Intreating The Heart of God Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 03/03/2019 BLR-20190303-16419
Faith- Our Victory Don Feener Blue Ridge 24/03/2019 BLR-20190324-16540
Hope- Our Anchor Don Feener Blue Ridge 24/03/2019 BLR-20190324-16548
Love- Our Calling Don Feener Blue Ridge 24/03/2019 BLR-20190324-16549
Building Strong Relationships Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 31/03/2019 BLR-20190331-16587
The War For Communion Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 21/04/2019 BLR-20190421-16668
The Steps Of A Good Man Are Ordered By The Lord Ernest Ebersole Blue Ridge 28/04/2019 BLR-20190428-16710
Is Jesus the Shepherd of Your Life Kevin Reiff Blue Ridge 05/05/2019 BLR-20190505-16722
The Church Subject to Jesus Christ Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 19/05/2019 BLR-20190519-16782
Judge Not Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 26/05/2019 BLR-20190526-16793
Occupy Til I Come Brendle Martin Blue Ridge 26/05/2019 BLR-20190526-16809
A Chip Off The Old Block Dervin Witmer Blue Ridge 02/06/2019 BLR-20190602-16821
Genesis Under Attack Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 13/06/2019 BLR-20190613-16894
Keeping Our Homes Christ-like Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 16/06/2019 BLR-20190616-16904
The Sweet Balm of Forgiveness Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 23/06/2019 BLR-20190623-16954
Lessons From King Josiah Virgil Heisey Blue Ridge 23/06/2019 BLR-20190623-16964
The Open Sea of Christianity Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 07/07/2019 BLR-20190707-17030
Gods Dwelling Places Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 14/07/2019 BLR-20190714-17069
Great Peace Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 21/07/2019 BLR-20190721-17094
Gods Dwelling Place #2 Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 28/07/2019 BLR-20190728-17115
The Church a Fortress Arvin Martin Blue Ridge 28/07/2019 BLR-20190728-17124
Choices in Life Robert Brougher Blue Ridge 04/08/2019 BLR-20190804-17139
Making and Keeping Promises Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 11/08/2019 BLR-20190811-17185
What Does Jesus Mean To You Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 25/08/2019 BLR-20190825-17222
Marks of A Healthy Church Richard Herr Blue Ridge 25/08/2019 BLR-20190825-17231
Making Sense of Parenthood Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 01/09/2019 BLR-20190901-17244
What Is Your Foundation? James Weaver Blue Ridge 08/09/2019 BLR-20190908-17274
What Was Wrong With The Pharisees? Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 11/09/2019 BLR-20190911-17288
Jonah Could Run Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 15/09/2019 BLR-20190915-17301
He Gave His All For Me Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 22/09/2019 BLR-20190922-17338
Forgiveness Wendell Graybill Blue Ridge 06/10/2019 BLR-20191006-17407
Marital Maintenance Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 13/10/2019 BLR-20191013-17431
The Friendship of David and Jonathan Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 20/10/2019 BLR-20191020-17458
The Precious Blood of Christ Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 27/10/2019 BLR-20191027-17498
Living a Sacrificial Lifestyle Victor Ebersole Blue Ridge 27/10/2019 BLR-20191027-17514
What Is Holiness? Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 03/11/2019 BLR-20191103-17537
Footprints Mark the Trail of the Heart Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 10/11/2019 BLR-20191110-17576
It's Time to Get Serious with God Virgil Heisey Blue Ridge 18/11/2019 BLR-20191118-17623