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E.g., 2022-06-19
E.g., 2022-06-19
E.g., 2022-06-19
Title Speaker Congregation Date Sermon IDsort descending
The Will of God Virgil Heisey Blue Ridge 19/11/2019 BLR-20191119-17624
The Prison-House of the Devil Virgil Heisey Blue Ridge 20/11/2019 BLR-20191120-17626
God's People to the Rescue Virgil Heisey Blue Ridge 21/11/2019 BLR-20191121-17628
The Testimony and Influence of Our Lives Virgil Heisey Blue Ridge 22/11/2019 BLR-20191122-17629
Turning Our Hearts Toward Home Virgil Heisey Blue Ridge 24/11/2019 BLR-20191124-17633
A Standard for Holiness In A Fluid World Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 01/12/2019 BLR-20191201-17654
Fight the Good Fight Dave Sweigart Blue Ridge 08/12/2019 BLR-20191208-17671
Godliness With Contentment Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 15/12/2019 BLR-20191215-17696
Opportunities in the New Year Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 05/01/2020 BLR-20200105-17749
Freeing Yourself From Technological Slavery Leon Miller Blue Ridge 08/01/2020 BLR-20200108-17766
If God Be For Us Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 12/01/2020 BLR-20200112-17772
Being Mortal Dale Witmer Blue Ridge 15/01/2020 BLR-20200115-17788
Living In A Far Country At Home Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 19/01/2020 BLR-20200119-17792
Church Politics - Part 1 Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 26/01/2020 BLR-20200126-17818
The Anabaptist Story Steve Sweigart Blue Ridge 26/01/2020 BLR-20200126-17821
The Cost of Being the Lord's Disciple Leon Martin Blue Ridge 26/01/2020 BLR-20200126-17832
God's Watchful Eyes Larry Halteman Blue Ridge 02/02/2020 BLR-20200202-17845
The Day of the Lord Shall Come Steve Ebersole Blue Ridge 05/02/2020 BLR-20200205-17865
Who Will Have Our Soul? Jimmy Weaver Blue Ridge 09/02/2020 BLR-20200209-17873
Nonresistance and Redemptive Love Cliff Kreider Blue Ridge 12/02/2020 BLR-20200212-17888
Church Politics - Part 2 Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 16/02/2020 BLR-20200216-17893
Developing Realistic Ideals for Adults Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 23/02/2020 BLR-20200223-17934
God Honoring Courtship Darvin Weaver Blue Ridge 23/02/2020 BLR-20200223-17948
Finding God's Hand When Its Dark Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 01/03/2020 BLR-20200301-17961
Qualifications for Minister Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 08/03/2020 BLR-20200308-17992
In the Yoke with Jesus Steve Zook Blue Ridge 15/03/2020 BLR-20200315-18028
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 12/04/2020 BLR-20200412-18086
Jesus Christ the King of Kings Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 19/04/2020 BLR-20200419-18099
Jehovah My Strength Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 26/04/2020 BLR-20200426-18122
How Much Faith Do I Need? Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 03/05/2020 BLR-20200503-18191
Invitation to Worship Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 10/05/2020 BLR-20200510-18204
Who Do You Think You Are? Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 17/05/2020 BLR-20200517-18218
The Kingdom of God is at Hand Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 24/05/2020 BLR-20200524-18236
All the Way Howard Horst Blue Ridge 31/05/2020 BLR-20200531-18266
Bangladesh Report Harold Weaver Blue Ridge 10/06/2020 BLR-20200610-18289
Church Politics - Part 3 Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 14/06/2020 BLR-20200614-18293
Standing Between the Dead and the Living Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 07/06/2020 BLR-20200621-18310
The Old Redemption Story Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 21/06/2020 BLR-20200621-18312
God Is Real Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 28/06/2020 BLR-20200628-18337
The Purpose of the Law Dervin Druist Blue Ridge 28/06/2020 BLR-20200628-18355
Youth Establishing a Foundation for Life Phil Hackman Blue Ridge 05/07/2020 BLR-20200705-18359
The Throne of God Within My Heart Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 12/07/2020 BLR-20200712-18377
Ministry to a 165 Precious Souls Sherwin Weaver Blue Ridge 17/07/2020 BLR-20200717-18403
Peace In Surrendering Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 19/07/2020 BLR-20200719-18407
Music That Glorifies God Brendon Martin Blue Ridge 26/07/2020 BLR-20200726-18423
Filling the Gap in the Hedge Larry Halteman Blue Ridge 02/08/2020 BLR-20200802-18521
Shall We Lie This One Time Darvin Halteman Blue Ridge 09/08/2020 BLR-20200809-18547
What is Truth? Nolan Snyder Blue Ridge 16/08/2020 BLR-20200816-18582
Who Am I? Luke Bennetch Blue Ridge 23/08/2020 BLR-20200823-18606
Biblical Principles For A Godly Home Jesse Burkholder Blue Ridge 23/08/2020 BLR-20200823-18617