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E.g., 2022-06-19
E.g., 2022-06-19
E.g., 2022-06-19
Titlesort descending Speaker Congregation Date Sermon ID
Christianity that Works at Home Virgil Heisey Tyrone 19/03/2017 TYR-20170319-13263
Congregational Outreach Stanley Sensenig Swatara 07/06/2015 SWA-20150607-11475
Dealing With the Root of Bitterness Virgil Heisey Swatara 05/07/2015 SWA-20150705-11471
God-Honoring Thought Life Anthony Good Swatara 05/07/2015 SWA-20150705-11470
Hope for Troubled Times Darvin Weaver Swatara 12/07/2015 SWA-20150712-11469
I Am The Way The Truth And The Life Steve Zook Ridge View 15/05/2016 RIV-20160515-12127
Prayer, The Christian's Breath Sonny Bear Fourth Avenue 10/06/2018 FOA-20180610-15231
Purity - A Christian Virtue Keith Eby Life in Christ 11/11/2018 LIC-20181111-16144
Relationships In Marriage; The Wife Sherwin Brougher Winchester 23/08/2015 WIN-20150823-10989
Rising Up Early With God David Mast Swatara 02/01/2022 SWA-20220102-20813
Security Of God's Presence Stephen Burkholder Fourth Avenue 28/02/2016 FOA-20160228-11861
Sound Doctrine Equals Righteous Living Darvin Weaver Swatara 08/04/2018 SWA-20180408-14835
Stephen's Last Sermon Chris Nolt Susquehanna Valley 02/02/2020 SUV-20200202-17849
The Bible as the Basis of Convictions Jolan Martin Swatara 30/07/2021 SWA-20210730-20074
The Friendship of David and Jonathan Lamar Sensenig Blue Ridge 20/10/2019 BLR-20191020-17458
The Power of the Gospel Unto Salvation Anthony Good Swatara 19/07/2015 SWA-20150719-11468
We Will be Held Accountable for Our Speech Darvin Weaver Swatara 10/09/2017 SWA-20170910-13980
Who Are Kept by the Power of God Through Faith Unto Salvation Darvin Weaver Fourth Avenue 04/12/2020 FOA-20201204-19023
"And They Twain Shall Be One Flesh" Keith Eby Winchester 27/08/2017 WIN-20170827-13940
"And Ye Fathers..." Jesse Hostetler Great Lakes 16/06/2019 GRL-20190616-16930
"Arrows In the Hand of the Mighty Man" Ps. 127:4 Darvin Halteman Swatara 16/11/2016 SWA-20161116-12751
"Except Ye...Become As Little Children" (Matt. 18:3) Dean Myers Swatara 05/03/2017 SWA-20170305-13213
"Follow Thou Me" Jon Hurst Great Lakes 13/12/2020 GRL-20201213-19075
"I Am The Resurrection and The Life" Steve Zook Ridge View 04/04/2021 RIV-20210404-19597
"Moved With Compassion" Jon Hurst Great Lakes 15/12/2019 GRL-20191215-17699
"Not of this World" Jon Miller Great Lakes 30/06/2019 GRL-20190630-16993
"The Acceptable Year Of The Lord" Reuben Luthy Great Lakes 05/01/2020 GRL-20200105-17753
"The Fear Of The Lord Is The Begining Of Knowledge" John Weaver Great Lakes 08/07/2018 GRL-20180708-15406
"The Fellowship of the Mystery" Aaron Martin Pensacola 20/10/2019 PEN-20191020-17506
"The Great Day of His Wrath Is Come" Loyal Ebersole Swatara 06/12/2015 SWA-20151206-11513
"Their Name Is Today" Virgil Heisey Great Lakes 18/08/2019 GRL-20190818-17203
"Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery" Jon Hurst Great Lakes 11/07/2021 GRL-20210711-19993
"Walking After Things That Do Not Profit" Chris Nolt Susquehanna Valley 01/09/2019 SUV-20190901-17245
"We Do Not Well" II Kings 7:9 Pablo Yoder Dublin 13/12/2015 DUB-20151213-11537
"What Shall we Have Therefore?" Matt 19:27 Aaron Shank Heritage 28/11/1992 HER-20190607-16850
"Who Is The Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven" Reuben Luthy Great Lakes 08/03/2020 GRL-20200308-17993
"Ye Are The Light Of The World" Art Nolt Great Lakes 10/04/2022 GRL-20220410-21219
'For Unto us A Child is Born" Wendell Graybill Susquehanna Valley 23/12/2018 SUV-20181223-16082
'Peace Be Unto You' Chris Nolt Susquehanna Valley 28/07/2019 SUV-20190728-17114
1 & 2 Peter Overview John Nisley Lake View 16/07/2017 LAV-20170716-13812
1 John 2:1-14 Stan Martin Lake View 23/01/2022 LAV-20220123-20917
1 John 2:15-29 Stan Martin Lake View 30/01/2022 LAV-20220130-20942
1 John 3 Simon Yoder Dublin 30/01/2022 DUB-20220130-20976
1 John 3:1-18 Stan Martin Lake View 20/02/2022 LAV-20220220-21017
1 John 3:19-4:21 Stan Martin Lake View 27/02/2022 LAV-20220227-21052
1 John 4 Simon Yoder Dublin 20/03/2022 DUB-20220320-21170
1 John 5 Stan Martin Lake View 13/03/2022 LAV-20220313-21080
1 John 5:16 Joe Weaver Mt. Joy 28/06/2015 MTJ-20150628-10997
1 Peter Respect in Marriage Jesse Burkholder Shirksville 21/11/2021 SHI-20211121-20640
1 Timothy Book Study Part 1 Jason Sensenig Tyrone 29/11/2015 TYR-20151129-11497