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E.g., 2022-01-28
E.g., 2022-01-28
Title Speaker Congregation Date Sermon IDsort ascending
One Word....Obedience Joe Brubaker Winchester 12/11/2016 WIN-20161112-12770
Known By Your Songs Joe Brubaker Winchester 11/11/2016 WIN-20161111-12730
Must I Go Empty Handed Joe Brubaker Winchester 10/11/2016 WIN-20161110-12767
Challenged or Changed Joe Brubaker Winchester 09/11/2016 WIN-20161109-12722
The Touch Of The Master's Hand Joe Brubaker Winchester 08/11/2016 WIN-20161108-12720
How God Works In The Lives Of Kings Joe Brubaker Winchester 07/11/2016 WIN-20161107-12718
Simple Living Jason Sensenig Winchester 30/10/2016 WIN-20161030-12698
The Love Of Jesus Edwin Eby Winchester 09/10/2016 WIN-20161009-12585
A Living Sacrifice Sherwin Brougher Winchester 04/10/2016 WIN-20161004-12573
Jethro, A Man of Wisdom and Counsel Arlin Eby Winchester 02/10/2016 WIN-20161002-12569
The Blood of Jesus: What Does For You Sherwin Brougher Winchester 25/09/2016 WIN-20160925-12537
A Light In Darkness Sherwin Brougher Winchester 18/09/2016 WIN-20160918-12520
The Beatitudes Victor Ebersole Winchester 11/09/2016 WIN-20160911-12509
A Godly Mother's Influence in the Home Jerry Yoder Winchester 04/09/2016 WIN-20160904-12476
The Chief Corner Stone Marlin Rosenberry Winchester 07/08/2016 WIN-20160807-12398
The Need for a Meaningful Personal Devotions Sherwin Brougher Winchester 31/07/2016 WIN-20160731-12382
Our Speech and It's Influence Arlin Eby Winchester 24/07/2016 WIN-20160724-12383
Peace That Comes From Surrender to God Victor Ebersole Winchester 17/07/2016 WIN-20160717-12332
Elect By The Grace Of God Sherwin Brougher Winchester 10/07/2016 WIN-20160710-12311
Living the Lord's Way - Four Pictures of a Godly Man Marlin Rosenberry Winchester 03/07/2016 WIN-20160703-12300
Making The Crooked Straight Alvin Clair Auker Winchester 26/06/2016 WIN-20160626-12281
The Day of The Lord Will Come Edwin Eby Winchester 19/06/2016 WIN-20160619-12266
Ye Must Be Born Again Sherwin Brougher Winchester 12/06/2016 WIN-20160613-12260
The Gift of Prayer Victor Ebersole Winchester 05/06/2016 WIN-20160605-12259
Youth and Parental Perimeters Luke Bennetch Winchester 05/06/2016 WIN-20160605-12218
Watch What You Say Marlin Rosenberry Winchester 29/05/2016 WIN-20160529-12219
Brotherhood - A Gift of God to Us Stephen Burkholder Winchester 22/05/2016 WIN-20160522-12150
A People Prepared In These Times Sherwin Brougher Winchester 15/05/2016 WIN-20160515-12124
A Career Or A Vocation Victor Ebersole Winchester 08/05/2016 WIN-20160508-12110
Pressing Toward The Mark Cliff Stauffer Winchester 01/05/2016 WIN-20160501-12097
Undivided Loyalty Cliff Stauffer Winchester 01/05/2016 WIN-20160501-12089
Living With Purpose Cliff Stauffer Winchester 30/04/2016 WIN-20160430-12085
Living a Life with Personal Conviction Sherwin Brougher Winchester 24/04/2016 WIN-20160424-12078
A Lamb Without Blemish And Spot Sherwin Brougher Winchester 17/04/2016 WIN-20160417-12111
The Mystery of The Church Marlin Rosenberry Winchester 10/04/2016 WIN-20160410-12036
The Ark of Safety Arlin Eby Winchester 03/04/2016 WIN-20160403-12009
Our Resurrected and Returning Lord Sherwin Brougher Winchester 27/03/2016 WIN-20160327-11991
Behold the King Cometh! Victor Ebersole Winchester 20/03/2016 WIN-20160320-11963
The Church Marlin Rosenberry Winchester 13/03/2016 WIN-20160313-11934
The Power of Collective Prayer Sherwin Brougher Winchester 06/03/2016 WIN-20160306-11964
Facing Everyday Life With Jesus Vernon Shank Winchester 06/03/2016 WIN-20160306-11896
Principles of an Upside Down Kingdom Part 2 -- Giving Sherwin Brougher Winchester 28/02/2016 WIN-20160228-11860
Principles For An Upside Down Kingdom, Part I Sherwin Brougher Winchester 21/02/2016 WIN-20160221-11840
Created For His Glory Victor Ebersole Winchester 14/02/2016 WIN-20160214-11829
Coping with Pressure and Responsibility Chris Nolt Winchester 07/02/2016 WIN-20160207-11811
Bible Glossary Edwin Eby Winchester 31/01/2016 WIN-20160131-11752
For What Is Your Life? Arlin Eby Winchester 17/01/2016 WIN-20160117-11674
Death In the Pot - Heaven, The Reward of the Faithful Marlin Rosenberry Winchester 10/01/2016 WIN-20160110-11654
The Battle Is The Lord's Sherwin Brougher Winchester 03/01/2016 WIN-20160103-11645
God the Father Victor Ebersole Winchester 27/12/2015 WIN-20151227-11605