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Sunday, August 9, 2020 - 10:00
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Matthew 1:21; Luke 1:77 forgiveness of sin
John 8:1-11

The actors in the story:
1. Jesus--the image of God
2. The crowd--listeners
3. Scribes&Pharisees--religious, know their history
4. The woman--never denied her sin, humiliated
5. (Deu. 20:10 Where was the man?)

Lessons we can learn:
1. Everyone is capable of and prone to false accusations. It "feels so good" to judge someone else for something I would never do, but that is not just.
2. In this scenario, they are putting Jesus on trial. Do we put authority in a position where whichever choice they make, it's the wrong one?
3. It is a mark of spiritual maturity to recognize one's own sinfulness.
4. Notice that the eldest went out first. Older men are not only likely to have greater spiritual maturity but are also very influential.
5. It is hypocritical to become "shocked" at other men's sins. (There, but for the grace of God, go I.)
6. The pattern for relating to sin is found in this story. Jesus gave the woman another opportunity while admonishing her to "sin no more."