Freeing Ourselves From Technological Slavery

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020 - 19:00
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Freeing ourselves for Technological Slavery

Chains of Technology:
1. Stress – attempting to multitask cause more stress than our bodies can properly deal with
2. Distraction – We can be distracted from things we should be taking care of
3. Escapism – escape from unpleasant reality
4. Social Pressure – unhealthy competition and pressure to be someone we are not
5. Entertainment – can become an addiction. Music, Sports, games, videos are addictive and then keeps us from more important things.
6. Sin – The devil will use any means possible to catch his victims.

We can be free if we have a desire. Jesus is stronger than any chain we have binding us.

Breaking the Chains:
1. Ye must be born again in Jesus Christ
2. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God
3. Understanding the consequences
4. Learn to hate sin
5. Being intentional with our technological use

Live in the freedom that Christ calls us to
Live in light of Eternity