The Cause, Danger, and Results of Carnality

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Part of series: Winter Bible School 2019
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Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 19:00
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If the Son shall make you free you shall be free indeed. Christ is not divided; we cannot be spiritual and live carnally.
After death the law no longer applies to oneself. The cause of carnality is being married to the law. The law cannot fix our problem, we need to be dead to sin and have Jesus Christ in our life. It is not the law that is our problem, but our sinful nature.
We need to be in the spirit of Christ to please God, not just living in controlled sin so we don't get in trouble with the law.
Law is needful, it reminds us if we violate.
If your life is centered around the law you will struggle with carnality. If your marriage is a rules based marriage it will not be a good marriage; likewise your relationship with God. There needs to be a loving, trusting relationship.
You can't please God in the flesh.