ABOUT us: Learn to Know Us

The Pilgrim Mennonite Conference is a small conference of churches within the circle of Anabaptist doctrine and of Old Mennonite tradition. The Pilgrim Mennonite Conference was officially organized in January 1992, after a lengthy dialogue with the Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Churches out of which she was formed. The Pilgrim Mennonite Conference (PMC) officially holds the desire to be obedient to the Word of God, especially the New Testament of Jesus Christ, with respect to Mennonite tradition.

Organizationally we are a small conference of 26 congregations located in the United States and Honduras.

While we appreciate the privilege to serve you through this website medium, we believe the Body of Christ appears on earth in visible congregations; tangible, flesh and blood brothers and sisters who fellowship together in a day by day relationship and keep Christ’s commandments together. Therefore we encourage you to find one of the congregations listed, take courage and visit. If your goal is to serve Christ in visible obedience, you may be surprised how easy it is to get to know us, and to become a part of us.