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Songs on this website may be downloaded for personal use, but may not be sold or commercially distributed. It is our prayer that you would find encouragement in the message of the songs, and be challenged to a close walk with God.

The Copyright free songs are included here for your enjoyment. 1 Praise Ye the Father, 4 The Lord is My Shepherd, 6 Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus, 15 Be With Me Lord. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a CD with the entire selection of songs.

Jesus is Coming album artwork

Non copyrighted songs offered here: 5 The Secret Place; 7 Come My Blessed Savior; 8 All the Way My Savior Leads Me; 11 When All Thy Mercies; 14 Come Ye Sinners; 15 God Said It; 16 Your Roses May Have Thorns; 17 Yes, I Know; 21 Now the Day is Over. For copies of this CD send us a message in the Contact Us form and we'll pass your interest on to the responsible parties.

Good old fashioned Gospel singing by a youth chorus. The songs included are public domain, listed as followed: 2 Lord, I am Fondly, Earnestly, 4 Lo, See Where it Shineth, 6 Far Away the Noise of Strife, 7 O For a Closer Walk With God, 9 Abide With Me, Tis Eventide, 13 Praise God From Whom, 15 The Eventide Falls Gently Now, 17 The River of Life, 18 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, 20 Can the Rivers Forget? 21 When I can Read my Title Clear. Contact us if you would desire the complete album.

This entire album is in the public domain and is offered for your enjoyment. The album includes 1. God is Love 2. O Worship the King 3. Jesus, Thou Mighty Lord 4. Crown Him with Many Crowns 5. Christ Who Left His Home in Glory 6. Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb? 7. Whosoever Will May Come 8. Have You Any Room for Jesus? 9. Welcome Wanderer 10. Does Jesus Care? 11. God Will Take Care of You 12. Fear Not for God the Father 13. A Gate Ajar 14. Jesus, I Come to Thee 15. No Tears in Heaven 16. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be 17. Face to Face

Old Time Religion

Non-copyrighted songs are here. 2 ‘Tis so Sweet; 7 The Old Time Religion; 9 Without Jesus, You Won’t Make Heaven;10 Echoes From the Throne; 13 Under an Eastern Sky; 14 The Blood; 15 Peace; 22 The Lord is My Light. This album is no longer available for purchase.

This entire album is free for your enjoyment. The selections include 1 A Wonderful Savior, 2 Like a River Glorious 4 Man of Sorrows 5 No, Not One 6 What a Friend We Have in Jesus 7 Jesus Loves Even Me 8 Chief of Sinners 10 O 'Twas Love 11 All to Jesus I Surrender 12 Just as I Am 14 Flee as a Bird to Your Mountain 15 Rock of Ages 16 Near the Cross 17 Jesus Saves 19 Come, Ye Disconsolate 20 He Waits with Outstretched Hands 21 Softly and Tenderly 22 Somebody's Knockin' 23 Is It Well with Your Soul? 25 Peace, Perfect Peace

The Public Domain songs of this album are included for your enjoyment. They are as follows 1 I Have A Song, 4 Ivory Palaces, 5 I Come to the Garden Alone, 9 Be Still My Soul, 11 Rescue the Perishing, 12 Crown Him with Many Crowns, 13 Only a Sinner, 14 He's a Friend of Mine, 15 Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken. Should you desire to have the complete album, please write of your interest on the Contact Us Form.


Here we offer the royalty free selections from the album, Somewhere in the Skies 2005, for your personal enjoyment. Included are: 01 Hail, Holy Light, 06 Still, Still, Still, 07 Lo! The Star, 09 My Shepherd Shall Supply, 10 I’ll Be There, 15 Beyond All Comparing, 17 The Cross Was His Own, 22 Heart Cry. If you would like the full album, contact us via the contact form.

The following public domain songs are provided for your enjoyment, 1 For the Beauty of the Earth, 3 Great God, of Wonders, 5 Hiding in Thee, 7 Precious Little Bundle, 8 The Servant Song, 9 Lord, For Thy Tender, 10 Mercy’s Sake, 10 Day is Dying in the West, 13 Do Lord!, 14 Shall I Come Just as I Am, 16 More Love to Thee, 17 Thank You, Lord, 18 Love Song, 19 Love Through Me, 20 Send Forth Thy Spirit, 21 The Irish Blessing. If you wish to purchase the entire album, contact us through the form.

Songs in this album: 1. Angels Holy, High and Lowly 2. God Is in His Temple 3. Christians, Awake 4. For Me 5. Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet 6. Freely, Freely 7. An Easter Hallelujah 8. Crown Him With Many Crowns 9. Wonderful Peace 10. The Lord Is My Light 11. Send Forth Thy Spirit 12. Lord Jesus, You Shall Be My Song 13. Onward Christian Soldiers 14. Ain’ a That Good News