Living Hope

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Sunday, August 26, 2018 - 09:00
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The story of Living Hope from I Peter 1:
We are strangers scattered in a foreign land to spread God's Kingdom.
We are the elect of God - he has chosen us to be saved.
We are set apart unto God through the Spirit.

Is the Blood of Christ sprinkled on us? Do we have the lively hope?
We have to trust God.
We need to be regenerated; Living Hope comes only through the resurrection.
We can't choose our earthly inheritance, but we can choose to inherit all of God's blessings.
We are guarded by the power of God if we let him.
We will have all kinds of temptations.
Our faith will be tried by fire, it is worth more than gold.
We are looking forward to eternal rest; can't rest too much here or the devil will be at the back door.
We are a spectacle to the angels. They have a sincere desire to us Christians here on the earth.